The First Gear Problem

sometimes we struggle to start, but when overcome, we do miracles.


Malaygiri Goswami

a year ago | 2 min read

It was October 2011, and Diwali festival season was striking the doors, when I started to learn riding a two wheeler vehicle with the help of my friend, who was a veteran and had been riding one for almost a decade.

While I was executing the learnings of the theoretical knowledge shared by him, I noticed and informed him that:

While I kick start the bike and change the gear from neutral to the First and when bike started moving slowly, I experienced the most endangering mixture of feelings as if (a) I could fall along with vehicle due to slow speed or (b) I lost control over accelerator resulting in overspeed and in turn causing an accident or © I lost control over the Clutch and the bike stopped with the jerk, etc.

My friend gently smiled and replied, ‘you need to control all the things simultaneously while your vehicle is in the first gear. Have faith in me and have faith in yourself, and you will ride the bike like a pro.’ This sentence was the moral of the story. Let me explain.

When you are in the first stage of any endeavor, wherein you have expectations of success, worries about your today’s expenses, impressions of your past failures in the business, etc., just like slow speed and fear of falling down. You are trying to make two ends meet with your massive 10X efforts, just like your accelerator, but if the efforts made are towards the wrong direction, you create a mess. While putting your heart at the endeavor, you might lose your present earnings if you don’t pay attention towards the existing income sources, just like clutch.

So, whenever anyone starts with any idea and puts in all efforts to make it work, the FEAR is the most common feeling to appear. The Fear needs to be conquered by FAITH. Once you put faith in yourself and your Mentor/guide/Coach/God, the fear vanishes and you achieve whatever you are trying to get.

As Grant Cardone, in his book ‘The 10X Rule’ says, if you fear anything, do it in the first place. Fear is the sign that you should do it right now.

Take aways/Summary:

1. While beginning with the new task, focus on all of the below simultaneously;

A. Learnings from failures of past, failures of others, etc.

B. Apply 10X efforts towards your goals with massive action.

C. Do not overlook your present earnings and your present expenditures for a harmonious balance.

2. FEAR has a fear of FAITH. If you have fear, I.e. Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Fear of being Overwhelmed, or Lack of motivation, do have faith in you and your guiding light, and fear will vanish.

3. Procrastination is the resulting symptoms of your FEARS.

4. FAITH has the remedy for all your Fears.

5. Grant Cardone, in his book ‘The 10X Rule’ says, if you fear anything, do it in the first place. Fear is the sign that you should do it right now.

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Dr. Malaygiri C. Goswami(BHMS)

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