Fishing game skills are revealed! Trick to Build the Victory Equation

Fishing game skills are revealed! Trick to Build the Victory Equation



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If you want to make money in the casino, using the right skills in the game is a very important key! According to statistics, more than 60% of players are in a state of knowing but not knowing why these games are played. They know how to play and how to get rewards, but they do not know the easiest way to win.

This article lets us talk about fishing games. Whether it is online casinos, electronic casinos, or foreign casinos, fishing games can be seen. It has to be said that the fishing game is a very good profit tool for the banker, but for the player, as long as you master the correct skills, it is really not difficult to win from it!

How good are the rewards of fishing games?There are many different targets in the fishing game in the entertainment city, each of which represents a different reward. Usually, the larger the size or the more special the shape, the more rewarding the successful kill will be. There can be thousands of fish, even up to 200,000 jackpots. The reward items of each casino fishing game are different. Before starting the game, you must read the rules of the game clearly! In addition, if you want to really experience the fishing game with various gameplays, I recommend you to go to mwplay888, which offers a wide variety of The mwplay888 philippines casino fishing game, with over 50 games to choose from, from the best providers and all available on desktop, mobile and tablet. The philippines fish shooter is easy to play, fun and exciting.

Common Mistakes in Playing Fishing Games

  • Only pick big fishAlthough the big fish rewards in fishing games are better, the difficulty of killing them will be higher, and it is easy to waste too many points in the process. Only picking the big fish will result in big ups and downs, either a big win or a big loss, but in such a situation, the probability of losing is always greater than the probability of winning. To be assigned to attack different targets.
  • Hit the fish when you see itThe fish in the fishing game are not guaranteed to die every time they are hit. There is no fixed number of shots that can be killed. It is best to keep the method of 5 small and 1 large to fish. This will not only replenish the inventory of points, but also accumulate higher rewards. . If the fish on the screen is very densely distributed, it is recommended to wait until it is relatively scattered and can attack the same target without hindrance before continuing to fight.
  • Use the same weapon from start to finishEach fishing game weapon costs different points and has different attack power. Of course, the weapons with high cost are used to catch big fish! Low-cost weapons cannot kill big fish, and high-cost weapons are too wasteful to kill small fish, so remember to switch weapons when attacking different targets.
  • The fish close to the fort is given prioritySome fish are very close to the fort, and most of them are to give away fish, just chase and fight! In addition, you should avoid hitting fish that only appear for a moment, such as the kind of fish that swims around corners and corners, ignore him, the attack time is too short, and the probability of not being able to successfully kill is very high.

Second, grasp the spit stageFishing games have so-called eating and spitting points. Eating and staging fishing games are less likely to kill fish in order to accumulate prize pools. Vomiting staging is the opposite. After the prize pool is accumulated to a certain extent, the chance of winning the prize is high after you start spitting points. . To know when the fishing game is now, you can use the lowest cost weapon to attack small fish at the beginning of the game. If it is easy to hit, you can gradually increase the cost and hit bigger fish.

  • Don't chase the big fish to deathAlthough the big fish can bring rich rewards, if you don't die after 7 seconds of blasting, it is recommended not to continue. When it completely disappears from the screen, you may think that you are not enough to kill the fish. Wait until the next The next big fish appears and repeats itself.


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