Five Factors That Define Your Happiness

The more you stress on these five factors, the more you will understand the real value of happiness.


Rohit Kokane

3 years ago | 3 min read

If I have to ask you a question that what is the biggest factor that contributes to happiness then I’m bound to get different answers from every person. I love to listen to different answers because then I get to know how diverse the justification for happiness can be. Happiness needs to be created with a positive belief. 

Hello everyone, today I’m talking about the factors that can make you happy. Well, I know happiness is prejudiced and one cannot be happy all the time but being hopeful doesn’t cost us a penny. Go all in and enjoy the read and feel happy.

1. Wasting time and energy fighting things you cannot change:

All good things in life come with the change. Everyone is looking for a change in their life in some or another way.

Some may complain about lack of time and some may lack the willingness to change but what they don’t understand is that they end up wasting their time and energy fighting things that they cannot change. 

Dwelling in past is a good example to look at it. Happiness can’t be defined in the same way for everyone but to be happy is all about having the right set of emotions and one can master this act.

We seek motivation, we admire people and want to be like them and that can only happen once we have self-belief, put our energy to the best use, and only on those factors which contribute to personal growth. A paradigm shift is all you need.

2. Don’t expect too much from yourself:

How often we hear someone saying us to push our limits? I guess, everyone and on daily basis. Human expectations never die is an undeniable fact. There is always a gap between our expectations and our ability and that creates a feeling of inadequacy.

No one is complete or perfect but everyone is capable of changing their lives for the better good. Keep up the momentum by living life to the fullest and get surprised, that’s what life expects from you.

So take a chill pill and enjoy your life.

3. Stay involved with the living world: 

Without any surprise, you are reading this on a digital platform but all I want to say is that stay connected with the living world. A major cause of stress is comparing our life with the factors which don’t contribute to our growth and that causes anxiety and may lead to depression.

Happiness is meeting with people, sharing your journey as it is, being mindful, and believing in the process of creating a happy life and all this can turn into reality only if we stay connected with the living world.

Good people act as oxygen. Inhale peace and exhale imperfections and all this can happen when you get involved with the living world.

4. Not living in the past:

Yes, because we are reading this now in the present state of mind. It is impossible to live in past with your physical existence but our mind is capable of touring all places and it includes the past too.

What surprises me more is our ability to repent on mistakes committed in the past and pre-occupation with it can lead to depression. 
Whatever we can change with ourselves can happen today or now and so my only advice is to live in the present and make it happen.

Good moments are meant to be created now should be left to be cherished in the past should be one's motto of life. Do well and good will happen to you and that will make life more complete today because happiness is all that you have today.

5. Cultivate old fashioned virtues:

How cool it can be to cultivate those old-fashioned virtues of love, loyalty, humor, and compassion? Very cool! Loving someone isn’t a crime, laughing at a joke isn’t silly, being loyal to someone is the greatest virtue of trust and being compassionate about life isn’t beyond reality.

We all have learned this from our ancestors and they have been a great example of treasuring relationships to the core. We are progressing at a very fast speed but all we cherish is the happiness of a grandma’s story at night which made us go sleep or strolling on a farm with grandpa. 

These are little moments of happiness that we miss from our life and our efforts should be made to live them to the fullest.

The older you become, the more you start cherishing those old-fashioned virtues so it is uttermost important to protect those values. 

Tom Bodett once quoted, "They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."

By now you have a larger picture of the reasons which influence your happiness. I would just want you to work accordingly and make changes to your life and stay happier. 

Hope you had a happy read! 


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Rohit Kokane

Rohit Kokane is pursuing Chartered Accountancy and also a founder of ‘Glitters of Life’ podcast series where he discusses staying positive and optimistic. Apart from the above, his content writing services include the niche of motivation, personal development, business finance.







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