How to fix Canon printer not printing issue

Having trouble printing with your Canon printer? There can be various reasons for this. Learn more about why Canon Printer Not Printing correctly and how to troubleshoot the issue.


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The most common problem many users have reported is Canon Printer Not Printing. When some users try to print something, they get the error her message "The printer is not responding". These problems are not limited to Canon printers. These occur in many printers as a result of improper configuration or ink cartridge installation. WiFi connection or hardware issues are also common Why can't I print on my Canon printer?

Canon printers are popular printers with a good reputation online. Affordable wireless inkjet printer with low cost. The fact that it's a wireless printer is the icing on the cake. You don't have to be nearby to print anything. You can print literally anything while traveling the world. Canon printers receive positive reviews and ratings on the internet, but like any other device, there are a number of Reasons For Canon Printer Not Printing. Now that you have a better idea of ​​the possible causes, let's move on to the next section and try out some of the best solutions that have helped many users with the same problem.

How can I fix my Canon printer that not print?

You don't have to implement all the fixes mentioned in this article. Try the solutions until your Canon printer starts printing again.With that in mind, let's move on to the first My Canon Printer Not Printing solution.

Solution 1: Make sure the paper and ink cartridges are properly installed. 

If the page is not loaded correctly, the printer may not be able to extract a single sheet from the group and fail to print. After using the device for several days, the paper may rearrange. So double check that the pages are aligned correctly before printing. Improperly installed ink cartridges can cause printing errors. In this case, you may need to replace the black ink cartridge, the tri-color ink cartridge, or both. 

Solution 2: Restart both your computer and your Canon printer.

It's the old way of fixing common device issues like system glitches, temporary errors, and temporary caches. Restart your computer and Canon printer and see if it works.

Solution 3: check the connection

There are many ways to connect your Canon printer to another device and print. Whichever method you use, don't overlook these important points. If you're using a USB cable, make sure:

  • Connect one end of the USB cable to your printer and the other end to your computer. A USB hub should not be available.
  • No dangling cables. It should be a tight connection at both ends.
  • Try another USB port on your computer and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Try another USB cable and see if that fixes the problem.

If you're using Wi-Fi, make sure:

  • Internet connection is accessible and reliable.
  • Check the printer's Internet connection status to make sure it is properly connected to the network. Reboot your router and see if the issue is resolved.

If you use Bluetooth, make sure:

  • Both devices are near each other.
  • Bluetooth is used to connect two devices.
  • Try pairing your Canon printer with your computer again and see if it works.

Solution 4: Restart the print spooler service

The Print Spooler service manages and temporarily stores print jobs in your computer's memory. This service on your computer may not be functioning properly and this may be the reason your Canon printer is not responding. To see if the issue is resolved, you should restart the Print Spooler service. Follow these steps to restart the Print Spooler service.

  • To open Run, press the Windows logo key + R on your keyboard. You can also right-click the Windows logo and select Run. Type services.msc in the search box. The Services menu will open.
  • Tap to open Print Spooler.
  • Select reboot.
  • Close the window and see if you can print to your Canon printer. 

Solution 5: Start Windows Troubleshooting software.

Windows includes good troubleshooters for solving common problems. It can also detect and fix problems with print services. How to proceed:

  • Type Settings in the search box and press Enter. This will launch the Settings app. Select your system.
  • Scroll down until you see the Troubleshoot option. Tap it to enable it.
  • You should choose another fix.
  • Start troubleshooting your printer. Windows automatically searches for errors.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the printer troubleshooting.

Solution 6: update to the latest printer driver.

Your computer may be using an outdated or incorrect printer driver. In this case, the printer is not responding or not working at all. You should update your drivers and see if that works for you. To update the printer driver:

  • Type device manager in the search box on your Windows computer and press Enter. You need to expand your print queue.
  • Right-click on the Canon printer driver and select Update Driver from the context menu.
  • Select Search for drivers automatically. Windows will automatically search for new drivers.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to update the driver. After installing the latest drivers, restart your computer and printer and check if the issue is resolved.

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