Focusing Your Attention Is More Complicated Than It Seems.

What you can do today can do to regain focus.


Teronie Donaldson

2 years ago | 3 min read

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." - Cheshire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:

We live in the most exciting time in history. The average person has access to more information than ever before. With your cell phone, you can learn anything and apply it. But, unfortunately, the biggest issue we face is distractions.

Those distractions via cell phones and apps take us through a rabbit hole only Alice from Wonderland could ever dream up.

One of the biggest challenges our generation will face is learning how to focus.

I can't tell you how often I tell my kids to put away their gadgets, especially before bedtime. But, unfortunately, I also have to remind myself of the same thing as the phone distraction cuts into my productivity.

I admit that the phone beats me half the time, but I am learning not to be held prey to gadgets.

A friend of mines who is into yoga told me an interesting thing about mindfulness. She said, "mindfulness requires a clear and defined point of attention. It also means managing your attention so it's focused and occupied with an immediate experience."

I instantly thought about basketball. When I play, it is all about the game, and I am never distracted there. I am not thinking about ideas, things I have to do, or bills; all I want is to get the ball from the opponents and win the game.

My awareness merges with the activity and leaves me purely in the moment.

I saw the wisdom in my friend's comment. Your mind has less of an opportunity to wonder when it is in "game." I can understand now why adrenaline junkies are always looking for a new high because - it's because they are entirely immersed at the moment.

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." Greg Anderson

Here are ways I was inspired to keep my focus in action from my friend.

1- Reading with a set time limit.

I am an avid reader; however, it's not all focus time. I find my most productive times reading is when I set a 15 -25 minute timer and read for that duration.

No phones or other distractions in the way, just me and the book, and it is engaging.

2- Play games.

My favorite games are Scrabble and Uno. There is a great feeling of playing games in person with family and friends. No app will give you that feeling of yelling "UNO" at the last card and talking smack with relatives. And no amount of distraction can take that away.

3- Listening to your favorite music.

I find when I listen to great songs, I become fully immersed. The beat makes me vibe out, and I end up singing the lyrics. As a result, I feel good and am not thinking about anything else.

4- Take up a hobby.

I used to draw as a kid and stopped many years ago; however, my daughter is an artist. When I draw with her every now and then, it keeps me present, like I used to feel drawing as a kid.

5- Play a sport.

As I mentioned earlier, with basketball, I am immersed at the moment, but that goes with every competitive sport. You are in the game and not in the stands.

I'm not going to say I mastered focusing my attention as I am still working on it, but it is less complicated than it seemed prior.

Let me know what you do to keep your attention focused.

I would love to hear other ideas.

Thank you for reading


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