Forever Has No Options, So Live Life Now

Nothing lasts forever.


Karen Madej

3 years ago | 3 min read

I lost interest in a marriage that was for life. I grew to hate the best job I’d ever had. I lived in Prague for eight years, but I knew it was time to move to be near my son.

Forever scares the life out of me. I live for my son, today or at most for next year. I want options. The freedom to act on my feelings any time of the day.

Routines bore me unless I have established they help me avoid stress. I used to get excited not knowing what shifts I would be on in the French restaurant every week. I liked the surprise and planning my week around my waitressing shifts.

Initially, I thought, going to a call centre and sitting for nine and a half hours every day clicking a button would cause me to die of boredom. Despite saying no politely, colleagues dragged me into their team of three for a quiz about Scotland.

Nothing lasts forever. Sidney Sheldon

This is something I am very relieved to hear. Planning to stay in a call centre forever would be the end of me.

While I adore the striving for success as a writer, the all-consuming passion I have for writing every day, I need a break to restore waning passion at least once a week.

The discovery that despite my confidence and forthrightness I am in fact an introvert surprised me. One trait is the need to recharge after social interactions of several hours or more. Meetings and conversations are draining. I relish alone time.

We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.
Orson Welles

Living alone

The number of people living alone in the UK has increased by a fifth over the last 20 years, driven mainly by increases in men aged 45 to 64 years living alone; Scotland has the highest proportion of one-person households at 35.0%, while London has the lowest (23.9%).

If you are an American, the figures for America are below.

Our World in Data Free and Accessible for Everyone

Some people, while doing wonderful work and spreading kindness, care little about this life because their god promises them heaven in the next one. I have to question that approach because I’m a firm believer in the scientific argument; when you are dead you are, well, dead.

What if religions are wrong?

I’m living my life to the full in ways I have found give me the most pleasure. Before you call me a hedonist, I’m not advocating for irresponsible actions that will harm me or others.

I choose to take a moment to appreciate the bunnies hopping around on the grass in what they consider their countryside, although their stretch of nature is twenty metres away from a busy dual carriageway hidden by bushes and trees.

I stop to smell the honeysuckle and lavender (yes, and the roses!), to video bees as they go about their calling, and to photograph the clouds. My greatest pleasures are a visit with my son, a call with my friends or family, and writing and sharing what I write with everyone.

For the moment, travel, of all but essential forms, is in a holding formation. My itchy feet will have to wait until it is safe. Instead, I wander along the beach on my doorstep (50 meters away) and film it for my family and friends.


Is there a rebuilding of eco-systems initiative that will allow me to satisfy my longings? To put the world to rights where man (hetero-patriarchs and corporations) have destroyed them, and travel to new locations near and far?

I could realise both by my third wish, Universal Basic Income. With Scotland, a Citizen’s Basic Income.

With America a Guaranteed Income. Forward Thinking Florida: Gainesville Mayor Considers Guaranteed Income.

If given the go ahead by Boris Johnson (I’m so irritated Scotland has to ask, but CBI can’t do this without funding help.), there will be a year long set up period and then selected communities will receive unconditional regular payments.

My dream team for planet rejuvenation would be headed up by … oh but wait! The UN Environment Programme already has a team. Ambassadors include actors, singers, and other activists.

Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility. Get involved. Invest in a better future.

While forever may have no options for me, I am content with living my life my way today.

What are your options for living life while here?

Thanks for reading.


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Karen Madej

Passionate about ecosystems and living a debt-free, sustainable life. Determined to learn how to and build an adobe house or Earthship. The goal is to live off-grid and off the land. Energy for heat and electrical devices and appliances will use solar, wind, and hydro-powered electricity. No trees will die to make my home.







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