Formal Dress Shop- 5 ways to style a Mermaid dress

But the increasing size of the dress will not add up to your Bill amount only if you do apply Formal dress shop discount codes


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Are you looking for a safe option to wear at your best friend's cocktail party ? Or just want to ace it in your own wedding? Mermaid dresses are always a safer option to choose as it never loses its elegance and compliments  your body figure ,no matter what shape you do have. Would you like to know that the mermaid dresses first appeared in the 19th century when the fashion was transforming itself from maximum width to maximum narrowness.

But it actually took time to become every other model's favourite in the Hollywood industry. In 1930, the designer Marcel Rochas popularised  the mermaid dresses on Haute couture catwalks.

Then, the most iconic movement established for the mermaid dresses is when the Swedish model Lisa Fonsargrives Irving Penn walked in a Mermaid Dress for the September issue of Vogue 1950. And this iconic moment created the space for mermaid dresses in every 50s Hollywood actress's wardrobe. From Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth and Dorothy Dandridge, every one started adding this beautiful, ravishing masterpiece in their wardrobes and vanities. 

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Styling up any dress always depends on the individual's frame of mind and their affection with the people she's going to interact with. So here, just listing down 5 ways to style a Mermaid Dress.

Keeping it Minimal - Maybe you are dealing with low temper today, but the Formal Dress Shop Deals are surely going to bring your mood in the seventh sky. Just in case, you don't want to keep it very much just very subtle yet charismatic. So here is the tip for you; just pickup any mermaid dress you have in your wardrobe right now and follow it -

Jewellery - A very silver plated choker Single line Big Diamond necklace will keep it Minimal yet elegant. For earrings, go for the same single big diamond stone kind of earpiece.

Hairdo - Just go for some Simple soft end curls with a centre partition.

Footwear - The suggestion is to carry the wedges, but still if not then platform heels will also go out with this one.

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The Fur Chic - Have you ever doubted your personality and your looks for being Lean? If so, then please Stop it because no specific body shape has been remarked as the most beautiful body figure by God yet. And with this amazing styling tip, you will definitely realise that you have got no body issue.

We all love fur material right? Those fur coats, scarves and mufflers are so soft that they actually touch our soul. And in this tip we are going to style your old mermaid dress with a fur cape. What?? You are not getting your mermaid dress in your appropriate size anywhere online and offline? Have you ever checked out the Formal Dress shop? They have the dresses even in oversize, also they have excellent Formal Dress Shop Offers. Just cover your half of the upper body, with any fur cape you have and make sure that you tie it up. 

Hair-do - Ponytails are very underrated yet very interesting and comfortable hairstyles. A Twirl Ponytail or a Textured ponytail will work here best. 

Footwear -  Don't get confused, and lost among, the number of pieces you have, just pick up stilettos without any second thought. And you are all set to Rock it up.

The Goddess in Blue - Well, this styling idea, will go with any colour mermaid dress, but I'm Penning it down with keeping a blue dress in my mind. So here we go.. A blue beautiful mermaid dress that has not so much, has no shimmery appearance, work engraved on it. Which looks very simple, and not in accordance with your other fancy outfits, here you can make the most out of it. Give yourself a layer of silver grey beaded diagonal cape, it will add up the energy of a powerful character. Don't carry any jewellers because it will cover up your whole upper body itself.

Hair do - A high voluminous Bun will even add up some more glamour in your Look.


And bless your feets with a pair of Scarpin heels, but also don't forget to apply some moisturiser and a luminous texture highlighter on the sharp parts of your body.

The Blue colour has its own significance as it gives the calming vibes to the wearer, but if you are not having any blue dress in your wardrobe since ages, you are actually Missing a jackpot. No problem, since we are here with the solution as well, 

Formal Dress shop is having a great collection of Blue Dresses that will adore your heart in just a second. And if Worrying about the price? The problem then, FormalDress Shop coupons  is the Solution. 

Main Character Energy - Ok we understand that it's not your own wedding day or anniversary day but who said it's wrong to be the centre of attention just because you are carrying up your whole Soul in a most Divinish way.

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Jewellery - 2 options are here available for accessorising your neck,

First is Chrontier Harness Body Chain Link Epaulet Shoulder Chain Necklace Collar Dangling Tassels (just in case you want to make it more dazzling) 

 Secondly , Yellow Chimes Silver toned and White silver plated, statement crystal studded Choker Necklace.

For your Hair- do - Make a messy bun with braids if you opted for the Chrontier Harness Body Chain Link Epaulet Shoulder Chain Necklace Collar Dangling Tassels.

And curls with infinity braids,  you have chosen the second neck accessory in your Look.

Place your feets in Almond toe pumps without giving your head any bump. And you have already made the evening crazy for you.

(Don't forget your red mauvish bold lip shade to carry along).

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Adoring Lady - Taking an inspiration from Haider Ackerman, who wore this beautiful blue mermaid dress by pairing it up with a blue blazer,

Dropping the tip, following the almost same pattern but with some enhanced twist,

Whatever the colour, your dress has, Pair it up with a blazer that adds contrast to it.

For e.g- Turquoise coloured plain blazer with a baby pink mermaid dress ; Red bold blazer with a grey toned mermaid dress or a silver toned dress. 

A Loopy Updo hairstyle will add more charm in the look, Style it up with minimal accessories.

Just in case you don't have any other option, Throw your feets gently into Mary Jane pumps and you are all done.

We can guess, you are trying to recreate your twinning look with your old school best friend but your best friend can't fit in the old one because of the pregnancy bump she has got. Fortunately we also have a solution for this. Gift her a new one as Formal Dress Shop has an elegant collection in Plus-size dresses too. But the increasing size of the dress will not add up to your Bill amount only if you do apply Formal dress shop discount codes.


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