Former Data Scientist & Strategy Manager at Walt Disney discusses the opportunities for women in AI

The world needs more female data scientists


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Diversity has been a much-interested topic across all sectors. The AI industry is not an exception.

To build an effective AI system — including defining problems for AI to solve, designing solutions, selecting and preparing the data inputs, and constructing and training the algorithms — an AI team should be as diverse as the population AI will impact.

However, according to a 2020 World Economic Forum report, women hold only 26% of roles in the industry, while according to the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI’s 2021 AI Index Report, women make up just 16% of tenure-track faculty focused on AI globally.

As a female data scientist in a male-dominated industry who has made a name for herself, what is Camila Manera’s experience regarding diversity within her field? Are there opportunities for women in AI and what are the challenges they might face entering this business?

Let’s hear from her.

About the speaker

Camila Manera is currently the Chief Data Officer at LIBRODEPASES, a sports tech startup in the Latin America region. In 2021, Camila was awarded Best of Disney in AI & Data by The Walt Disney Company, where she formerly worked as a data scientist and strategy manager. In 2022, she was named Women Techmakers Ambassador by Google. Camila has also been featured in several well-known industry events, including Data World Congress in Monaco, TEDx Event in Barcelona, Spain, and World AI Festival in Cannes, France.

At her current job, Camila plays a major role in Data, Artificial intelligence, and Product Development.

We are honored to have her as a guest speaker at the Worldwide AI Webinar this September 29–30, where she will share her experience on How to transform a company using AI.

On representing women and Latin America at Worldwide AI Webinar

Camila couldn’t hide her excitement about being a Latin American female speaker at a global conference like Worldwide AI Webinar.

She noted that making an impact on women in AI is one of the things she liked the most about working in the industry. She has been receiving lots of messages from different parts of the world and inspiring more women to join such a dynamic and fast-paced field every single day.

When asked about her experience in the AI industry, Camila shared her journey of how she started and what the motivation behind her efforts and success was. Fascinated by how technology could drastically change the world, she wrote many papers and read lots of articles to truly understand how AI worked. As Camila continued working and learning, she got more impressed with what we could do with AI and is seeing its potential more clearly than ever.

The opportunities for women in AI

Camila shared that she had received lots of messages from young women who were working and starting to enter the industry asking about her inspiration and addressing their fear of jumping into such a complex field.

She replied to them with the utmost compassion and encouraged them to dive head first into AI and technology. She believed it’s an exciting and ever-changing field and being a woman, in fact, does not limit your potential to grow.

“In my own experience, being a woman never closed my doors […] I think that we do not have to be scared of making the first step.” — Camila Manera, Chief Data Officer at LIBRODEPASES

For years, Camila has worked for one of the largest entertainment and media companies on the planet, the Walt Disney Company, before making a transition to sports. Her advice to any woman who wants to make a career change is first to understand the core problem of the business. Once they have identified the patterns, transitioning from sector to sector would be seamless.

Once you understand the process behind AI, you can apply it to very different businesses

If you’d like to hear more from Camila Manera, get your ticket to the Worldwide AI Webinar today:

Watch the whole interview here.


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