Formulate a Digital Marketing Strategy Using AI

AI for digital strategy — the talk of the town.


Sijdah Hussain

3 years ago | 4 min read

It has been quite a while since AI was introduced to the world. At first, there was an outburst of conspiracies about robots being able to talk, and thus we (as humans) were going to control of the world. The news was all about those Facebook tests and their AI chatbots’ particular language.

The internet was starting to seem like a place of discomfort for many — despite all the benefits. But today, using artificial intelligence to formulate a digital marketing strategy is smart business.

It’s 2019, and although people have overcome their fear of the unknown to an extent, AI is leading the world by the hand. AI is still a part of almost everything. We see AI in:

  • Smart Kitchens.
  • Laptops.
  • Smart Mobiles.
  • Smart TV’s
  • Chatbots.
  • Cars.

Even door locks have the “smart” technology to recognize your fingerprint or voice — and let you in. The mere reason for this “smart” technology is to understand the consumer’s needs as well as preferences. AI is, in fact, just the deliverance of a customized experience depending on each customer.

AI for digital strategy — the talk of the town.

AI has been the talk of the town for many years, now. As a result, it has been added to most digital marketing. Some companies use AI either as their writers or in their digital marketing strategies to reach to the top of their game — and maintain that level.

AI can save s business from spending too much money investing in human resources that are necessarily bound by time. You need more than just a fast speed internet to up your company’s marketing game.

Even Netflix uses AI to help boost particular shows and suggest you new ones based on your interest and previous choices. To give you a better idea, here is a rough list of companies and brands that use AI in their marketing strategies.

  1. Apple
  2. Adidas
  3. Amazon
  4. Amplero
  5. BMW
  6. Campbell’s Soup Company
  7. Coca Cola
  8. Conversica
  9. Dior
  10. Disney
  11. Dorchester Collection
  12. Dynamic Yield
  13. EasyJet
  14. Facebook
  15. Farecompare
  16. Forbes
  17. Google
  18. Gong
  19. Hotel Hilton
  20. IBM
  21. com
  22. Knorr
  23. Levi’s
  24. Lowe’s
  25. Microsoft
  26. Narrative Sciences
  27. Netflix
  28. Nike
  29. Nordstrom
  30. Rare Carat
  31. Reflektion
  32. Sephora
  33. ShopAtHome
  34. Skype
  35. Spotify
  36. Starbucks
  37. Swedbank
  38. Taco Bell
  39. The Washington Post
  40. Uber
  41. Under Armour
  42. USAA

Why should you use AI for your digital marketing strategies?

Using artificial intelligence would give your digital marketing strategies an edge over other competitors in the industry. How?

  • By analyzing the data collected by the servers to predict one’s buying behaviors and decisions, in turn, helping you understand your audience better. The data leads to improvisation in the user experience, which further enhances your website. Since AI enables you to understand the audience, it also facilitates them by showcasing the appropriate deals personalized as per their shopping carts.
  • AI provides you with efficient data analysis for your business – ending the “maybe, we should do this” moments and giving you a sure track to follow.
  • With the help of AI algorithms using big data, you can easily automate all those mundane and repetitive tasks that you hire workers for. This usage of AI would help increase productivity while saving your time and money by manifolds.
  • It strengthens decision making by helping you create as well as curate better content. Understand that the implementation of AI digital marketing strategies point you in the right direction, helping you reach out to the target audience. This would increase your ROI.

It is estimated that over 35% of the consumers believe in AI to improve customer services. Around 75% of those consumers are already using AI in their businesses.

Best Applications of AI to change your game.

1.      Content Generation

Yes, AI writers exist, and although they are expensive – they write 1000X more than a human per day. Therefore, if you need content for websites like Forbes or The Washington Post. Pitfalls to AI-generated content.

[editors note: warning: Quality sites such as Forbes or The Washington Post do not allow content on its sites that are not legitimate. Offenders have automatically been kicked-off the site as writers. We at ReadWrite don’t allow content that is not authentic. DON’T. Just don’t.]

2.      Content Curation

AI is more than just a writer for you – especially if you are into SEO. It can also curate content and help it reach its target audience with maximum force. Remember those “Others who searched this movie, checked these out too” kind of statements on Google? Or the ones about someone buying Y after buying X on Amazon? These all are some of the examples of content curation.

3.      Email Marketing

By embedding personalization in email marketing campaigns based solely on user behaviors or preferences – AI can help you reach out to more of your targets than a normal human being can.

Brands are already using them and if you want to connect with them or make them your clients – you need to pass the AI emails, first, to be drafted out by a person from your company. AI can even personalize each email depending on your subscriber’s choice and interests. Boomtrain, Phrasee & Persado are some of the best email marketing tools, at present.

4.      Digital Advertising

Facebook, Google and other such companies are already using AI for their digital advertising. They understand the user by their choice of searches, likes and interests. Based on these factors, they target the most gullible of such people to make sure they perform the action desired by the advertiser. UX designs.

Adext is the outcome of this very strategy. It provides AMaas (Audience management as a service) that is automated to understand users by the customer’s information and optimize all such ads.

5.      Web Design

So, you thought that you need a good programmer and designer in order to launch a great website. It might have been true a few years back but hello – AI has figured out that as well.

In today’s world, there are many great applications for that purpose – for instance, Grid! Grid uses artificial intelligence in order to design and personalize a website as per the user’s information. It asks you for images, texts and call-to-action, etc. only to make a highly professional website in a very little time and at a reasonable price.


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