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Generally, I see people during their leisure they pass their time by doing what they love the most.


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Dear Friends, I‘am Prabhat Mishra. I have done my schooling at KV2 Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This was my 1st stage of student life that ended in 2011 when I passed my High school board exams with 10 CGPA. This was that phase of my student life where I got great support from my family and they provided me opportunity to learn and set a good foundation in my academics. I was good in academics and also being considered a good student by my teachers. From the very beginning of my student life I was very much interested and inquisitive towards electronic wastes.

Generally, I see people during their leisure they pass their time by doing what they love the most. For some, it can be playing games, watching movies, travelling and for some it can be sleeping either. Those were the days when I used to pass my leisure time with an old bag full of electronic wastes. Though I was not having any technical knowledge about the materials I used to have but their functions and what they are capable of doing always attracted me to pick it out and put it in my bag from where ever I found them. If I found any electrical gadget not functioning as it should or got any information that it will not work now or it will not be a good idea to do its maintenance. It made me feel happy as I knew that is going to be added to my treasure. After I received such a gadget my first experiment with it was just unscrew it up fully and check out what all it contains that make it function in that manner. This made me to check the gadget in and out and question myself how can I make it in running condition as previous after making few minor changes on it up to the level of my understanding of that gadget. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I learnt. Sometimes my experiments have even damaged the gadget completely. Those are the moments where many take decisions, I too have taken not to stop experimenting. When it was final that the gadget cannot be used for any further experimentation I just took out what are the parts that can be reused by me for my other experiments.

I used to collect them all. I used to have several motors, colorful LED’S, Magnets, small speakers, Batteries , Switches, wires, screw drivers, tiny bulbs and many more items in my treasure. I used to use them in several different arrangements and tried to feel what can be done with all these. I have seen several observations doing such activities in spite of not knowing the technical reason of why is that behaving in that manner. That was the time when I started to look for those materials in those NCERT books I had in my house as that was the time when smart phones and high speed internet connectivity was not as readily available with a child from a middle class family as it is today. I used to find few related projects in higher standards textbooks as they had related chapters in their books. Considering a list of few activities I came across at that point of time:

1. Motor acting as a generator: Running a motor with a LED connected to it by rotating the cycle tire made the LED to glow.

2. Heating effect of an electric current: Shorting the two terminals of a battery made the load to get heated up.

3. Magnetic Field and electromagnet: A temporary magnet can be created with the help of electricity.

The gadget that I have unscrewed and tried to experiment on includes: Tape Recorder, Radio, Desktop CPU, CD & DVD Player, Landline Telephone, Electric Iron and many more such gadgets.

The point is, your actions will show you the way you can choose to move. You just have to know what your interests are. You have to find within you that makes you feel happy. When you choose your career in the field of your interest you enjoy while working. By the end of my 10th class I had made my mind of doing Engineering with the stream that includes subject related to my Interest as my first preference. Later, I did my B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Nagaland.

Electronic waste or E- Waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices.
Electronic waste or E- Waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices.


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