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The most important action we need to take for 2023 is not to be tempted to look back to the halcyon days we tell ourselves previously existed, that is not possible. Whilst it may be familiar, it does not offer us growth. The only way to grow is to focus on the direction you desire, even though into unknown territory. 2023 has the potential to be the moment your dreams begin to manifest. To improve your connection to all, practice the four steps - especially when awkward or difficult.


Gregory Reece-Smith

a year ago | 6 min read

Our connection will help free us to manifest our dreams this year

As you know we are in the middle of a very powerful “shift” in our consciousness and so connection. Making this a period of often intense transformation.

We are being offered the opportunity to make great strides in our personal journeys. To step beyond where we have been and into the unknown.

Being In Connection With Yourself Is Essential To Succeed In 2023

As I watch this transition unfold, I continue to be astounded by the incredible potential it offers for each of us.

Regardless of where you are in your life, the obstacles apparently standing in your way, or the opportunities you have not taken — this shift holds the potential to wipe the slate clean. To be free of the limitations and constraints within each of us.

Enabling you to then unlock your true destiny and achieve the happiness and success you have dreamt about.

More than that, to take back control of your stories and who you choose to be. Doing so will require you to first peel away, layer by layer the repetitive beliefs/patterns directing your life.

Nurturing yourself first, inside and out, to create a clear understanding of who you are and why you are here.

Meaning 2023 has the potential to be the moment your dreams begin to manifest.

To not settle for less than you desire or deserve, to make sure you are living in alignment with your inner knowing and your values. Completing what needs to completed, even when everything around you seems to be spinning out of control.

This will require you to remain grounded in order to harness the momentum. Being in connection with yourself is going to be essential to be in the flow of the forces of expansion appearing during 2023.

A key aspect of growth is taking back your power. One area where that reflects most clearly is in finances. Money carries a strong narrative in our ancestral line and healing our relationship with it often means we heal our relationship with our own power.

Which is why recently many messages from the solar plexus have surfaced during conversations.

Nurture Yourself And So Your Connection

Whilst there may be a temptation to look back to the halcyon days we tell ourselves previously existed, that is not possible.

Rather as Robin Sharma indicated:

“Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.”

This is the message Pluto has for us. The planet of death, transformation, and rebirth,begins its move into Aquarius on 23rd March. It will finally stop flip flopping between Capricorn, which is where it has been since 2008, and stay in Aquarius from November 2024.

Pluto is the most intense planet in our solar system and often acts like a phoenix. Painfully destroying what is no longer working so humanity can evolve. 2023 will bring a taste of Pluto´s offering over the next 20 years.

Meaning, the only way to grow is to focus on the direction you desire. Two key questions to reflect on are:

  1. What form do I dream for my phoenix?
  2. How will I rise to fulfil my mission?

Whatever your answers, it is essential you cultivate a self-care practice to build resilience and renewal. For the intensity of the transition will only finally ease when we reach 2025.

Our current focus must be to nurture ourselves. Only then will we have a clear understanding of who we are, why we are here and so the direction to head in. Once you do, then clarity as opposed to procrastination will be present.

Then you will walk with confidence and deep knowing for the unique, vital, and irreplaceable role you can play in the unfolding Cosmic plan.

​Once Uranus goes direct on 22nd January, no planets will be retrograde until 21st April. Mars going direct on 12th January means you will begin to feel more motivated and not so frustrated, perhaps even less aggressive!

You Have A Connection To The Hummingbird

You have created your life, choice by choice, action by action, thought by thought, belief by belief. Now is the moment to use your creative energy to shift your horizon.

Which means no longer feeling like a victim of events or re-acting to them. Rather consciously using the power of your imagination to create the life you desire to live, fulfilling the mission you incarnated to complete.

Evolution is created by our individual creative thoughts, no longer the “survival of the fittest”!

Planetary cycles create the ever-changing environment in which to exercise our judgement and imagination. The matrix of creation responding to our thoughts and actions — not determining them.

For a shaman, this is exercising our courage to be the dream weaver. Calling forth the image of the hummingbird. Supposed not to be able to fly given the shape and weight of its body, it flies immense distances twice a year.

The hummingbird symbolises our life as a continuing journey of growth and discovery, of spiritual evolution. This is an invitation to us all, our choice is how we respond to the call.

Keep looking for those halcyon days or make full use of your creative power?

Choosing the latter will initiate a re-wiring of your brain, altering your ancestral memory and freeing you to evolve. Raising your vibration as your connection aligns with Source.

This will be amplified by the Aquarian energy of the new moon rising on 21st January. Encouraging you to embrace your independent nature rather than follow the status quo.

Aquarian energy is all about vision, creativity and new perspectives. It helps to facilitate curiosity and inspires you to consider different possibilities.

It will also urge you to question the routines, habits and status quo in your life no longer supporting your Soul´s desires.

Strengthen Your Connection To All

This new moon can therefore be a powerful motivator, giving you the vision and boldness to change parts of your life that feel too stifling or mundane.

This will in turn allow you to improve your connection to all others.

Which reminds me of this article in the Harvard Business Review: Getting Back to the Basics of Human Connection.

It outlines these four steps to strengthen your capacity to stay in connection with others, especially in awkward or difficult conversations.

Step 1 — Take a moment to prepare your nervous system

Just before your next meeting, pause, tilt your chin down, and feel as if your head is gently suspended from above, which should give you a feeling of gentle lengthening of your neck. Relax your shoulders down. Feel your belly expand with your in-breath and relax back down with your out-breath. Tune in to your environment. You will feel more grounded and so help you to give the other person your undivided attention.

Step 2 — Listen to the other person — and yourself

For at least a minute or two, focus on what they are saying. As you listen to them, check in with yourself occasionally, to be aware of your own feelings, ranging from emotions to physical sensations. Should you sense tension in yourself, go back to the first step. Then return your attention to the other person.

Step 3 — Practice empathy

Consider what the other person’s experience or perspective might be. All our experiences differ in some way, so be aware of the possibility you may have different perspectives. Assess what barriers you may face in understanding the other person — e.g. assumptions you may be making about them, what you need from them, or your own re-actions.

And Now For The Year Of The Rabbit

Step 4 — Keep expressing interest

Our culture encourages us to be assertive and focus on our own agenda. However, connection is often more effective when we start by meeting the other person where they are mentally and emotionally. This you might do by allowing them to express themselves first. Doing so with openness and interest, will foster a greater connection and make it more likely in turn they will listen to you. Try to stay in the flow of the interaction without becoming too stuck on your own worries, agenda, or digital distractions.

Even just a small improvement in your connection can have a major benefit for your relationships — business and personal.

One of the dualities of the Aquarian new moon is the individual versus the collective. For it is the sign most concerned with advancing the collective good, humanitarian work, and global social progress.

This act could be as simple as reaching out to a friend or family in need and offering your assistance. Or, it could be a contribution of your creativity and unique perspective. Either way, this new moon will inspire you to enhance your connection with yourself, so allowing you to support all others.

On 22nd January we hop into the year of the Water Rabbit, viewed as a symbol of good fortune – provided you exercise patience!

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To Living Life Through Connection


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