Four Strategies That Helped Facebook Navigate Organizational Change Post-pandemic

Learn more about different strategies leaders at Facebook came up to keep their remote workforce motivated and organized.



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Growing organizations need inspirational leaders to steer them towards success post-pandemic. According to Facebook’s engineering leaders, flexible work hours, greater empathy, and communication can help organizations guide their teams through this phase. 

This post dives into the key strategies that helped Facebook cope with organizational change amidst the pandemic.

Key takeaways:

Embrace empathy and personalized communication 

Leaders must be more empathetic towards their team members to build a sustainable work culture and ensure high productivity. 

According to Mudit Goel, Director of Engineering for Real-Time Communications (RTC), everybody has a different situation at their home which we must not forget. “I’ve seen kids pop into the middle of a meeting to hug their parents. I’ve seen fire alarms come through, and I’ve seen a person I was talking with attacked by fire ants! We all have to find ways to work with others’ constraints,” he explains.

Jerome Pesenti, VP of AI, agrees: “As leaders, we need to show a lot of empathy for what people are going through and allow everybody to have as much of a normal life as possible, given the circumstances. Being mindful of what teams are experiencing is the key to staying calm, offering guidance, and showing support.”

Lead by example, and don’t hesitate to reach out for help

Jerome further adds that it is essential for leaders to live by example. “Many leaders on my team and across the company have shown that they need to adjust their regular schedule. We need people to find balance in a new and sustainable way. Find what works for you and makes you most productive,” he shares.

Surupa Biswas, an Engineer Director of Facebook’s Developer Infrastructure Group, agrees with Jerome. She says it has been quite a revelation to see people accept help from all corners of the company, and she too has taken to it. Biswas adds: “Facebook has such a big company growing on all fronts; still, all of us here feel like we are a part of a big team working together.”

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