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Four Trends in Software Development Careers You Must Know About

In this post, we discuss the software trends that can benefit developers considerably.



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The post-pandemic era has accelerated the adoption of remote teams. The software development industry has also been showing a similar trend. Now, if you are an engineering leader looking to build a software team, you must be aware of these rising trends in software development careers to make the most of your resources. 

So, what are these software development career trends? Let’s find out.

  1. Go vocal for global: In the past decade, remote work has seen a 91 percent increase in popularity. Developers are choosing software development careers that allow them to work remotely. They are moving to low-cost areas and saving on expenses.
    If you want to hire a successful software development team, you must adopt a distributed developer workforce, as more and more talented developers are opting for remote work.
    What’s more, shifting to remote will give you access to a global talent pool instead of a limited, local hiring pool.
  2. Once you decide to embrace the remote new remote working model, you’ll have to enhance your virtual skills.
    As a technical leader, you must learn how to read the virtual meetings, analyze the behavior of your remote employees, and provide them with the necessary support. For example, a good leader knows when their team of developers has burnout, all through analyzing their online behavior.

    As an 
    engineering leader, the whole team looks up to you for inspiration and expects you to empathize with their workload.
    Reading the virtual room is a soft skill that every engineering leader should possess to build their remote engineering dream team.
    Remember, every developer expects good leadership to grow further in their software development career.

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