What is Framework in Software Development?

In this article, the general concept of framework in software development is explained.


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When develop a software, usually a framework is used to make development process is easier and more efficient.

What is Framework?

Framework basically is a component that consist of many libraries and many code boilerplates that can be used to develop a software based on the certain requirement. There are many popular frameworks like Laravel, Spring Boot and others.

The Advantages of Framework

Framework is suitable for small to large project based on the requirement specification for the software that will be developed. The main advantages when using framewok is some functionalities and code boilerplates are avaiable to use without making it from scratch. Not only that, a framework that maintaned pretty well will be stable as long as the framework is still maintained.

The Drawbacks of Framework

The drawbacks of using framework is sometime is not suitable for simple project that could be done by using native only approach. Not only that, a framework that will be chosen must satisfy with the software requirement specification to avoid over engineering.

Reference: framework definition in wikipedia.

I hope this short writing is helpful to understand the concept of framework in software development. If you have any thoughts, write it in the comment section below.


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