The Future of Digital Marketing After COVID-19

Discussing what can be expected for the future of digital marketing post-COVID-19.


Brya Bromfield

3 years ago | 3 min read

A lot of aspects of our everyday lives have changed since the global pandemic struck this past year. We often hear it being said that we must get used to the “new normal” and prepare for adjustments, but how does that translate to the business and digital marketing world? What is our new “normal”?

Since quarantining for preventative measures, many businesses and the way they handle their marketing strategies have been moved to an online environment, not out of desire but necessity.

In saying that, not only have the customers of these businesses spent more time online, we now have a large portion of employees from these businesses working from home as well for safety precautions.

What To Expect

Digital Marketing Will Boom

Expect to be online. The math is pretty simple with this one. Fewer people are in stores and more people are at home spending their time online. Online shopping websites like Amazon have benefited a great deal from this pandemic as customers try to find the safest way to receive their essentials.

Customers are migrating to online shopping which means businesses will adapt to market online to these customers. More online users equal more lead generation which equals more customers.

It’s No Longer a Choice But a Necessity to Be Online

There’s no longer a choice of in-person marketing or online marketing. The pandemic has changed the way we as humans interact and in saying that, it has also changed the ways we do business with others and market ourselves.

With social distancing protocols in place, it is getting harder and harder to do traditional marketing, especially face-to-face. Customers are not going out as much as they used to and the ones who do, take precaution as to where they go and when.

Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash
Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

According to SocialMediaToday, businesses can expect a rise in social media jobs and creative skills, video marketing, authentic content for consumers and constant adaptability to new technology:

“My prediction is that social media content from businesses will become more creative and the digital strategy will be better than ever. The businesses that pushed up their sleeves and got to work on social media marketing efforts during a major crisis will reap the rewards when the crisis starts to fade.” - Anna Rudicel, Marketing Director of Cyclone Social


● Less face-to-face and personable interaction with customers if most marketing is done online

○ More pressure to bring personality to your posts to create relationships with customers and distinguish yourself from competitors

○ The need for creativity for more interactive content since there is less opportunity for traditional meetings in person, i.e. questionnaires, surveys, interactive and creative social media stories for customer interaction


● It will be easier to reach out to potential clients online than in person

○ Easier outreach due to the convenience of being online, i.e social media, email marketing, etc.

● Cheaper marketing strategies can be done via online outreach

○ Physical, face-to-face events to market your services can become costly both in time and money

● A surge in demand for video content:

○ "I mean, look at the massive surge in popularity of TikTok since this all started. The company's growth has been incredible. In March of this year alone, it was downloaded 115 million times." - Tabitha Jean Naylor, Owner of

Bottom Line

Forbes puts it brilliantly when they say: “As long as businesses approach the shift to digital marketing strategically, there's no reason why it should just serve as an emergency fill-in, but could carry on providing long-term value when the world eventually gets back to normal.”

Digital marketing is where the business world is headed in how we reach out to our customers. Whether we’d like to believe it or not, now is the time for change and we have to roll with the punches to adapt to those changes.


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