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Kenan Kolday

3 years ago | 7 min read

Do You Want To Change Your Life? Have you a passion for bettering yourself and reaching your full potential? Are you willing to unleash your true power and reign your destiny? Here is your chance then.

Be a king first, and then the kingdom will come. That means you first have to become what you want to become mentally. Creation first happens mentally and then physically. The physical creation follows a mental manifestation. Therefore, you must first know what you want and what you want to become.

It is more than knowing your wishes and desires. While it is easy to tell the basic desires, lusts, cravings, desires, and passions, recognizing your life mission, the calling, destiny requires an awakening.

I will coach you in this story with a few yet powerful questions with some explanations to start this journey of unleashing your potential.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE IMMEDIATE RESULT, you have to follow a few guidelines to get the best out of this exercise because no one other than you can do it for you.

  • read carefully and digest what is written
  • summarize the steps below on a piece of paper at the end of the story
  • complete the steps below immediately
  • when you are finished, hang the finished papers on a board and read them aloud every day, visualizing the expected outcome as if it has already happened right away.


This is one of the most challenging questions, no matter how it looks at first glance. Dream cars, a house by the beach, a fantastic spouse, 2 great children, a loving family, a lot of money, excellent and reliable friends, powerful titles, etc. are all right answers. Nevertheless, they just belong to the iceberg cap because most people want them as you do.

I want you to go beyond these easy answers, listen to your heart, follow your passions, and find your lie mission. Now it is becoming harder. Isn’t it? If it were easy, you would not see billions of people running after material illusions and temporary desires that do not create real satisfaction. Once you meet such an impermanent need, it becomes a moving target, and you find yourself chasing another target like a bloodhound running after its unfortunate prey.

Therefore, the wishes and desires that belong to the iceberg cap are only impermanent toys of satisfaction that will not make you happy, satisfied, and content. The moment they are gone or taken from you, sadness and depression show its welcoming face.

So, as Aristotle said, let’s try to find the permanent, never-changing things inside you that will make you happy even at the eye of a perfect storm.

We shall start with powerful open-ended questions again. Please slow-down, give yourself enough time to ponder, and follow the steps below. You are not after a simple to-do list. Instead, you are here with me now to find a map of your dream future.

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Step 1 — Take an A4 paper and divide it into 4 by drawing a horizontal and vertical line. You will get end up with 4 boxes on one page. We will populate each box soon.

Step 2 — Name each box as follows; physical, mental, social, and spiritual. These are the 4 main aspects of your life and represent your multi-dimensional existence. Besides our body, possessions, jobs, sex, etc., we have mental, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects that make you unique. A bird cannot fly with one wing. Similarly, you will be incomplete without these 4 aspects of life. The mental aspect consists of learning, searching after truth, contemplation, concentration training, non-judgment, acceptance, etc. The social/emotional part consists of relations, love, family, working with others, serving the community, socializing, networking, etc. The spiritual part consists of faith and religion, beliefs, metaphysics, inner alchemy, etc.

Step 3 — Write down on another sheet of paper the roles you play in your life, such as a father, a son, a spouse, an employee, a manager, a friend, etc. Besides all 4 aspects of your life, remembering each unique role you play in life will help you enrich this exercise by finding more answers about yourself.

We have completed the fundamentals of our exercise, and let`s populate the boxes now.

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Step 4 — Ask yourself this powerful question. What would you do NOW if you had INFINITE resources?

Think without limits. Feel limitless as you answer this question.

What would you do right now if you had a magic wand that could help you manifest anything you want?

What type of life would you have now if you had infinite resources?

What would you start, stop, and continue now?

Which obsessions, fears, and anxieties would you leave behind?

Which skills, abilities, and wisdom would you acquire and develop?

What were your dreams when you were a child? What made you forget them? Why did you quit your dreams? Which fears kept you away from realizing your full potential?

What do you want people to tell about you when you die? How do you want your funeral to be?

Which people do you want to be surrounded by?

What will make you die with regret unless you can achieve it?

Make sure you cover all the roles in your life as you ask the questions above. It will enrich this exercise.

The word INFINITE is the key here to block your left-brain sabotage your dreams and creativity. Your left brain works with limits and represents your worldly aspect. The right brain is about intuition and creation, representing your divine aspect.


The more you write, the better. Avoid running fast. Slow down, allow your mind and intuition to bring you the answers because you`ve got all the answers within you — you just have to remember it with the right process, tools, and methods.

I assume you have done a great job of journeying into your wonderland, just like how Alice did in that famous children`s novel — Alice In Wonderland. Indeed, that novel is more than a story. It is the story of an inner journey to one`s true self or essence, told by metaphors, allegories, and symbols.

Step — 5 Take a red, blue, and yellow highlighter. Highlight your biggest pains and sufferings in life with red and the moderate ones with yellow. Please note that you do not have to highlight everything on your list. Just try to distinguish the top pains and sufferings in your life. They are the ones you should tackle and resolve immediately.

The pain and suffering are anything that makes you miserable, unhappy, depressed, and hopeless.


Now that you know your priorities in 4 aspects of your life, it is time to prioritize them because you cannot run after too many things simultaneously. In his well-known strategy book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes that one of the ways a soldier consumes himself is the inability to master inner resources; that is his energy.

Science tells that an average person cannot handle more than 7 things simultaneously, with a sensitivity of 2 less and 2 more. If you want to sabotage someone`s success, give her/him more than 7 tasks simultaneously, and ask for results immediately.

We will use a 2-level prioritization.

Level 1 — I use Eisenhower Matrix as a great tool to prioritize things fast and quick. It helps concentrate on what is urgent and important and schedule your activities accordingly.

Please take a new sheet of paper and draw the Eisenhower Matrix on it.

Since you know by now your top pains and sufferings in 4 main aspects of your life and write them on the matrix.

Anything urgent and important is your top priority. Do you see what you have to tackle right away now?

Level 2 — Then, we will use another matrix to prioritize the urgent and important things. This matrix has EFFORT on one axis and RETURNS on the other.

As we have endless needs and desires, the prioritization process below may end up with a long list. If that is the case, the effort vs. returns matrix will help you. Please take a new sheet of paper and draw the matrix. Write down the top priorities you found below on this matrix.

Anything that will immediately impact your life with little effort is a quick win and will help you make progress and boost your morale. The release of happy hormones (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin) will ignite your inner transformation.


This new awareness requires an execution plan. Without a plan, your dreams will not become a goal. A schedule also means following a ritual. A ritual is not a religious or spiritual practice but a simple repetition process to create new habits.

I suggest you use an online calendar on your smart phone. Not only plan for your business goals, but also your life in your calendar. They are not separate and complement each other.

If you have made it so far in this exercise, I would be happy to learn your thoughts ad comments. Please allow me to learn from your experiences by sharing your comments.

With love,


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