Getting an Edge Over Fraudsters With Document Verification

Document verification nowadays deploys various artificial intelligence models to verify customers.


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Criminal activities are on the rise and the year 2021 will be facing a boom in a new breed of scams. According to the Global Identity Fraud Report 2020, identity fraud increased by 3.36% in 2020, and the same report has predicted a rise in fraudulent activities.

The advent of technology has brought several conveniences to life. Streamlined business operations, efficient customer support systems, accurate forecasting are just a few perks to name.

While businesses are working on introducing better ways to fight ID fraud this year, a proficient method already exists. Document verification is one of the best ways to fight identity frauds and scams.

Identity verification during customer onboarding and ongoing monitoring are some of the ways to combat fraudsters. In the digital world, identity verification is incomplete without document validation.

Thanks to AI, the process is now smarter than before. Document verification employs thousands of AI models to ensure that none of your customers is using forged, stolen, fake, or counterfeit documents to dodge the checks.

Are you ready to fight identity fraud this year? Great. Let’s dive into AI-driven document verification and its role in fighting identity fraud.

Document Verification - The Process

Document verification nowadays deploys various AI models to ensure the originality of the documents. Here’s how the process goes.

  • First, the end-user has to register on the platform.
  • Then, the customer has to submit a government-issued ID document for verification.
  • Using various artificial intelligence models and machine learning algorithms, the format is authenticated. Followed by the format identification, data is extracted from the document and cross-matched with the information submitted during registration.
  • Lastly, rainbow prints are authenticated to achieve higher levels of accuracy of document verification results.

ID Document Frauds that will Increase This Year

Every year, there is a long list of scams and frauds that come into action and make it difficult for businesses to survive. This year, many new breeds of scams have been predicted to mess with the corporate world. Let’s take a look at some of the identity document frauds that will increase in 2021.

Synthetic ID Fraud

Chunks of real and fake information are incorporated to come up with an entirely new type of identity fraud known as synthetic identity fraud.

A study from Forbes has revealed that synthetic identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing identity frauds and it is among the hardest ones to detect too. Generally, criminals use the name, social security numbers, etc, and combine with fake information for this purpose.

Counterfeit or Stolen ID Fraud

Digital counterfeit documents have increased lately and the year 2021 can also expect a significant boom in the numbers. Today, neither creating fake identity documents is no longer a problem nor stealing one.

You can verify the authenticity of the document as well as the information on it with the help of document verification.

Doctored ID Fraud

A small change in the information on an identity document can help criminals in achieving their illicit goals. Identities stolen through different means are altered and after some time, fraudsters use them for money laundering and various other criminal activities.

For instance, a fraudster has acquired an ID card and changed the name on it. This will be a doctored ID.

Why Document Verification?

Document verification during identity verification helps businesses in the following ways:

  • Effective compliance with the KYC/AML regulations is possible
  • Companies can prevent frauds in a better way
  • It ensures secure customer onboarding
  • Customers feel secure and enhanced customer experience leads to a reduced drop-off rate


In a nutshell, identity fraud has significantly increased over the years and businesses need a more robust mechanism to deal with them. Document verification is one such mechanism that can assist businesses in their fight against identity fraud.

Verifying every government-issued Identity document will let businesses onboard legitimate customers only. Thanks to AI, the process has become more convenient and effortless.

Document verification checks enable all the businesses to authenticate the type of document, language, and all other important aspects of the submitted document to ensure secure and swift customer onboarding. All in all, document verification for identity verification during customer onboarding is one of the best ways to ensure the security of businesses.


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