Getting started with UX Design: Understand UX before UI

Understanding the differences between UI and UX design to avoid some very fundamental mistakes throughout our career.


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Getting started with UX Design: Understand UX before UI

Hi Readers,Welcome to the Getting started with UX Design tutorial series. This is a series of 10 articles which will include topics related to UX Design Methodology in great depth.

This is Part 2 of 8 of the blog series “Getting started with UX Design”.

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In the previous article, we understood what is UX Design and what are the characteristics of UX Design. In this article, we are going to understand the difference between UI and UX and Graphic Design and UX Design. These terms are often used interchangeably, and though their functionalities are similar in some aspects, all these 3 terms vary from each other vastly.

How does UX Design differ from UI Design? A lot of people use UI and UX design interchangeably, while it can be said to be partially true, it is a misleading statement.  A UI Design is a part of UX design where we design how our product will look. It does not dive deep into looking at the market, understanding the audience the product need to cater or anything like that. It only works on making a visual output based on the requirements mentioned.  UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements that you interact with when using a website, app, or other electronic devices. UX refers to the entire interaction you have with a product, including how you feel about the interaction.  UX design is all about the overall feel of the experience, while UI design is all about how the product’s interfaces look and function.

How does a graphic designer differ from a UX Designer?

One of the biggest differences between graphic design and UX design is the scope. Graphic designers focus on visual elements. UX designers take a broader perspective by focusing on the entire interaction between a user and a product. Graphic design is often just one part of the bigger user experience.

Graphic designers design visual elements. UX designers design interactions. The former might involve a specialized set of design-related skills, like colour theory, typography, and computer-aided design. The latter involves a multidisciplinary set of skills that includes not only design, but user research, information architecture, wireframing, and prototyping.

Graphic designers use visual elements to communicate a brand message. Therefore, their focus will often be on staying true to brand identity. UX designers advocate for the user, making sure a product meets user needs in a way that is accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable.

Although this blog was not technical, understanding the difference between these 3 terms is essential so that next time you are talking about it you know the clear difference between the set of responsibilities of the UI, UX and Graphic Designers. Check out my profile for more such articles.

Follow through this 8 blog series and you will gain clarity of what is UX Design like never before.


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