Getting Started with Web3: Communities and Resources

The conversation on Web3 has grown in the tech twitter community over the past months. A lot of developers, designers, cyber security experts, project managers, developer advocates, startups, creatives, traditional finance experts, are shifting interest wanting to get started both through learning and being part of the web3 community. Here are a number of communities and resources for anyone interesting in building smart contracts or growing the conversation with others...


Sharon Jebitok

2 years ago | 2 min read

Over the past few months, tech Twitter has gone wild on the conversation around web3 a lot of software developers, designers, cyber security specialists, project managers, developer advocates are eyeing to understand what web3 is all about, how they can start and build a career around. It's been interesting seeing a lot of web3 developers and influencers like Dabit, Patrick Collins, Stephen Fluin, Preethi Kasireddy, CatMcGee, Oliver Jumpertz, Eda, Noah Hein, Samina, Vitto Rivabella, Kacie Ahmed sharing resources, roadmaps, and building communities that can allow developers to get started.

Personally starting my web development was all because I had an interest in blockchain technology/development which is more of web3 and today I would like to share resources and communities that one can join to get started with their web3 journey:-


Web3: in a nutshell: this article debunks an overview about web1, web2, and web3




Twitter Threads

Github Repositories


  • Developer DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization i.e a community of people who are interested in participating, learning, and contributing to the future of Web3. You can their discord server
  • BuildSpace where devs learn by building cool web3 projects earn NFTs and get special access to opportunities in crypto.
  • Moralis a web3 development platform for blockchain projects that uses Moralis software & APIs to build and scale their dApps without any cost and complexity. Works with blockchains like ChainLink, 1inch, Superfarm, Utrust, and Covalent.
  • Africa Web3 Community is a community of African web3 communities where resources are shared, frequent meetings, and collaborative initiatives.
  • Web3 Bridge is designed with objectives of building a Sustainable web3 community in Africa, building and supporting web3 developers and startups that will emerge from the program, and reducing barriers of entry into web3, as blockchain technology is associated with some level of difficulty. You can register to join the next cohort of their web2 & web3 training.
  • ChainIDE Community, chainIDE is a code editor environment
  • Encode Club is a web3 community that offers a platform to learn, build, get hired, and funded for your projects.
  • Sankore 2.0 an African-focused blockchain community open for Social media and outreach personalities, content creators, developers, marketers, recruiters, people with interest in networking, UI/UX Designers, venture capitalist/ Investors, crypto Researchers, project management among others.

The communities and resources focused on web3 are many and can exhaust on this article hoping this will be of help to someone getting started. Thanks for reading through my article, you can leave a comment or recommendation here!


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