Getting to success isn’t the goal

The few reality checks that might help an entrepreneur go through your struggle to success.


Deep Malhotra

3 years ago | 4 min read

In the process of building your business, there is so much chaos that happens at top speed, that you forget something that is very important - you forget to stand back and pause to enjoy the high speed in which you are building your business. Because, in the end, success isn't just about reaching your goals, but getting there at your own pace.

When you are building something that isn’t built yet, we need to know that reaching one milestone is only the starting point for the next one and it may seem like a never-ending journey sometimes.

But in the end, you might realize work in progress was always more fun because maybe building your business to success can be more fun than the success itself.

The key element between success and failure of your business is surviving the tough times. And riding the calm before the approaching storm is always more challenging, hence here are few reality checks that might help you go through your struggle to success:


You build with monotony, not with your excitement. It’s only through consistent actions that you get consistent results; because it's a fact that consistency always beats intensity. The mundane things that you do to run your business from paying the electricity bills, to remunerating your staff, to paying the government taxes, is as important for the smooth running as the big deal you crack that changes the course of your business. If you doubt the importance of these daily mundane things, try not doing these for a month and you will understand how important it was for the health of your business. Ultimately, it isn’t the adventure that will tire you, but the routine, yet the secret of your success will be found in the things you do in your daily routine of building the business. When your daily consistent monotonous effort meets the passionate high-intensity opportunity, the end result is a class act for your business.


Focus is the most underrated word in business. Ignoring the unwanted noise around you is the key to your focus. You should focus on being right rather than being quick always. Quick decisions may help you grow fast, but slow decisions help you think through the options to avoid failure. Building your business is like movie making, you need to keep checking the scene you have shot is on track or not. Ultimately, without the focus on your future, you end up with your past. And then, when your focus is clear your fear to fail is irrelevant.


Failure is part of the game. If you have never failed, you have never been tested, and then you haven't seen your best yet. A setback is only an opportunity for you to come back stronger. And at the time of failure it's not your fans, but the critics that will help you keep moving ahead, never ignore them. You might get written off by your critics, but in times like these, you need to need to be the rock you always sought and be the strongest when you feel weakest.


Building from scratch is inspirational; scratching till you don’t get there is true grit. Because true grit is rewriting your story when you are being written off and then your comeback will be more impactful than your launch. You have to sometimes take the plunge before you even start walking. Battles are not won alone, but they don’t end till the last one is fighting, hence never shy away from putting your best punch forward. In the end when it's over and you look into the mirror smiling it won't reflect your grit, but your result.


You are the by-product of your thoughts and ultimately life is a search to become the best version of you and the dream that you want to create. And if you have a dream, you have to protect it. The fact is - we all have the light we need within us; we just need to follow it. Don't look back unless you want to return and if you hit a wall in the process of moving ahead, break a window on it and keep moving. Because the only way to being limitless is by pushing your limits every time and when you are limitless, even the sky isn't enough. The key is to be a slayer, not a slave. It is not about how you run, but what you run for. You need to be the light that leads, not burns.

In the end, it isn't about the destination but the journey you need to cherish. Sometimes you just need to see the situation through rose-tinted glasses to make the path ahead look rosy, even if it isn't, and keep going on. And then when you have reached your peak you need to keep going, as you aren't great till you have outdone your best every time until it becomes a habit. And when the process of building the business gives you a bigger high than the success of it, you realize that getting to success isn’t the goal... the goal is to keep going is!

About the Author: Deep Malhotra is the Co-Founder of & Gemini Group. Deep has over 18 years of entrepreneurial and startup experience in working & building companies like Google, & Twitter: @deepmalhotra 


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