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Tanvir Hossain

5 months ago | 3 min read

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Prepare for a wild ride of intrigue, suspense, and clever twists in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery — Rian Johnson’s recent standalone sequel to the 2019 murder, mystery film Knives Out. This creatively crafted murder mystery dives deep into our curious capacity as humans. It challenges us to piece together a myriad of clues while watching with all eyes peeled. It stars an amusingly eclectic cast whose eccentric personalities help drive this thrilling exploration that poses answers only to generate more questions. That is until one ultimately discovers the truth in what lies beneath, hidden just beyond sight.

Witty and inventive storytelling abound in Glass Onion’s screenplay

Taking place during the already hectic year of 2020, things continue to escalate and get even crazier for billionaire tech bro Miles Bron (Edward Norton) as all of his friends and the famous detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) gather at his Greek island mansion aptly named “The Glass Onion.” With each guest possibly having motives to take out Bron, their supposed friendly murder mystery party weekend turns out to be much more than they initially anticipated. Much like in Knives Out, Johnson revisits many scenes to reveal more juicy details than before and leaves audiences guessing until the very end which is a narrative device that works quite well throughout.

Glass Onion’s great cast and acting performances

The all-star cast and incredible acting performances in Glass Onion truly made this film come to life. Daniel Craig gave an electrifying performance as renowned private detective Benoit Blanc, making the audience marvel at his skill and wit as he investigated the mysterious case. His interactions with the other characters showcased his brilliant acting ability and kept viewers on their toes. Craig’s Blanc also had some of the most memorable lines in the film, with eloquent lines such as when talking with Kate Hudson’s supermodel-turned-designer Birdie Jay early in the film, “it’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth.” 

Janelle Monáe also gave a stunning performance as both Cassandra “Andi” Brand, ex-founder of technology company Alpha, and her twin sister Helen Brand who is searching for answers on her sister’s sudden, tragic death. Monáe effortlessly flipped between the two roles, giving each character a unique identity for audiences to enjoy. The talent of Monáe was particularly highlighted in her emotional scenes that tugged at viewers’ heartstrings, allowing sympathy to be shown for the characters’ plight during the various difficult times


In addition to Craig and Monáe‘s standout performances, the rest of the cast also delivered noteworthy performances that made Glass Onion a captivating watch from start to finish. Other notable members of the cast include the aforementioned Kate Hudson as influencer and model Birdie Jay, Kathryn Hahn as Connecticut governor Claire Debella, Dave Bautista as streamer and men’s rights activist Duke Cody, Leslie Odom Jr. as head scientist at tech company Alpha Lionel Toussaint, Jessica Henwick as Birdie’s assistant Peg, and Madelyn Cline as Duke’s girlfriend and Twitch assistant Whiskey.

The meaning of the term “glass onion”

Glass Onion is an ode to every day “onion peelers,” you know, the type of person who’s always convinced that there must be a deeper meaning behind everything. Inspired by The Beatles’ 1968 song of the same name — which is loaded full of lyric-confusing gems from John Lennon — this movie serves up some subtle mockery for these wannabe code-breakers. Craig’s Benoit Blanc even goes into this during the film when he states that it is “something that seems densely layered, mysterious and inscrutable. But in fact, the center is in plain sight.”

In terms of how this applied to the film’s plot, Blanc thought Miles Bron was too smart to risk committing murder. However, it turns out he wasn’t as savvy as Blanc initially believed. When Bron found out his former partner could take him down with just a red envelope, he immediately drove up to her place and prepared himself for the worst. Detective Blanc admitted that murdering someone after such an intense court case would have been painfully idiotic. Little did he know at the time that this theory might not have been so far-fetched.

When did Glass Onion come out?

The movie debuted in theaters for a one-week limited release in late November around the Thanksgiving holiday. Now, the film finally reached its wide release on Netflix this past holiday weekend.

What’s next for Detective Benoit Blanc?

Director Rian Johnson currently has a deal with Netflix to produce a third Knives Out film and has already begun working on Glass Onion’s follow-up as of last month in November. Despite Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc appearing in both Knives Out and Glass Onion, Johnson has been very clear on making these standalone films and recently expressed his discomfort over the decision to include the phrase “A Knives Out Mystery” in Glass Onion’s official title in a recent interview with The Atlantic.

 View this post on Instagram  He believed that viewers should be able to enjoy each film separately. They should watch it without feeling as though one cannot be understood properly without prior knowledge of the another. Despite this, Johnson has expressed that he will continue to make sure that each of his subsequent films can still be watched and enjoyed as standalones without needing any context from another movie in the series.


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