Goals are wrong. Use systems to achieve your Goals

Are goals good?


Parag Rudani

2 years ago | 3 min read

We can assume that every athlete reaching the Olympics is mentally strong and every athlete’s goal is to win gold, yet not everyone wins the medal.

In the same way, everyone has to go through the exams but not everyone can complete the race.

Meaning, the Goal setting is not as effective as it has become popular.

Are goals good?

The problem with Goals is that it never tells the story behind.


In the 16th century, the word in old Latin was Systema .

syn means ‘Together’ where words like Sync are formed and Sta means to steady or stand which came from Sanskrit language from the stha metal.

System means standing or remaining constant.

In Latin, the systema was also addressed to the universe because it is the Universe

which has a lot of processes being synchronized in it and everything is going smoothly.

System in our life

For us, the system means the establishment of such processes and habits that together will take you to the goal every day while protecting you from hiccups and interruptions because when we complete the daily goals, we get clarity on what the journey will be.

We have learned about all the influential people whether it is Rabindranath Tagore or Benjamin Franklin or other writers and scientists. These people live in a rhythm every day, day after day Because their performance was fixed on a system.

Take Rahul Dravid as an example

He had no faith in luck.

He followed a few small processes or a system to maintain his calm and steady mindset in every match. Like preparing for a night before the match, sitting in a separate empty room of the hotel to calm the mind, etc.

First of all break your big goals into daily goals.

Then break those daily goals in some process. When these processes are in sync with each other, they are called systems.

Your system will depend on your personality, or existing mindset and daily goals.

For example, your major goal is to finish the syllabus of a difficult subject in 30 days. Suppose it has 40 topics, then your daily goal is to finish 2.5 topics every day. That is, by the end of 7 days, you could finish 15 topics and could revision on the seventh day. Put together such a balance in hard work and comfort that you can repeat it for the next 30 days.

To complete daily goals, you need a process like starting a difficult topic like a 2 minute rule.

A process is required that you do not get caught up in research and can finish your target every day. Like using a pomodoro timer.

To do all this, you must have energy every day. For which do surya namaskar and deep breathing every morning.

please note that you do not do heavy exercise, which leads to tiredness. We can repeat this exercise in the evening too.

To avoid distraction, processes should also be done, like 3–4 hours in the morning, do not get into any discussion or news or turn off the mobile in the drawer.

In the same way there will be a process of making your revision and notes. Which saves time and you do not have to load on the seventh day.

You also need a process to keep your mental state good. Like repeating affirmation 3 times a day.

You will say who will do so many processes? You are still following some kind of process and system.

For example, sleeping by placing the phone next to the bed and using it as soon as you wake up every day is also a complete system of distraction.

In this example of a system, we have discussed only very big processes.

There may be small subprocesses of these processes like creating checklists and alarms etc.

Friends, always make a system on daily goals because here you can make small improvements.

Once you start using the system, you will start fulfilling your daily targets automatically.

Friends, we are not tying ourselves to the system by any structure, but are using it so that we can do our work freely in the day.

If you are stuck in small interruptions all day, how will you find fun and freedom in work?

Practical Tips

A good system is one whose processes are very easy to start.

A good system is one that connects the other process and helps it.

If your goals are not fulfilled by using the system, then pay attention to small processes and improve them because it is easier to improve small processes, due to which large systems can be improved quickly.

You make a system and follow it honestly with all sincerity.

You will understand the difference in a few days.


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