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When you browse, you probably have seen different google ads shown on the website. These are paid ads which the company pays to the website owners to promote their content. It is known as Google Adsense. With the help of Google Adsense, you can display the most relevant ads that keep visitors engaged to your site. You can also analyse the best and worst-performing ads and even customize them.

The company selects some keywords in which it prefers its ads to be displayed. Google analyses those keywords and then they are set for bidding. The highest paying bidder gets his ads placed on the website. Then the publisher selects his preferred location where the website needs to be shown. Whenever a user visits a website then ads are displayed. If the user clicks on them then Google Adsense ascertains the publisher and credits his account.

How to sign up your Google Adsense Account

First, visit the Google Adsense site and sign up there.

Then select the link of the website where you want to show your ads.

Enter your Email address

Then you have the option to select whether you want Adsense to send you suggestions.

It is better to receive suggestions, after this go to the save button and select continue.

Sign in to your Google account, select your country and area. Have a glance at the terms and conditions of Google Adsense and accept it.

Select on Create account

Now, the steps are complete and you are signed in to your Adsense account.

How to optimize your Google AdSense Revenue

Make changes to your ads settings

There is an experiment tab in Adsense where you can make changes and can also add variation to the ads. You can collect your data performance and analyse which ad performs the best. It also allows you to view your ads and customize your search style. You are able to understand how to arrange your ad settings.

By balancing your user experience and Ad Revenue

As we all know, an increase in ads means an increase in revenue. But too many ads are harmful to you because users may lose interest in your site. With the help of Ad Balance Controls, you can come to know your poor performing ads. You can show the best performing ads to your users so they can spend more time on your website and even click on the ads.

You can promote your own work

More quality content means more users. So, you should focus on your content quality so that users do not lose interest in your website. This Matched content feature provides you some recommendations that you can make to your content.

Create a list of significant links

Publishers are not paid for a single click. If users click on the second link, then they will be eligible to get paid. You can create a list of important topics with the help of the Link Units feature. By creating a link unit, the user is shown the advertiser’s page more significant links.

Analyse your ads performance

You must check your site performance by analysing the bounce rate, duration of time spent on your site, traffic status, etc. Google Analytics has a feature of Adsense Linking through which you can see the data reports.

Feature your ads on the mobile app

Publishers earn extra revenue by displaying the ads to the users when they try to login to their application. Thanks to the Crawler Access feature, you can show targeted ads to them.

Manage your multiple ad networks

Ad Manager helps you to manage your third-party tools easily. You can maintain your online advertising as this feature help in the distribution channel under one platform. You can monitor your various sites smoothly.

Your site should be user friendly

There are many sites that offer services similar to yours. So, you need to differentiate your site by providing some extra benefits to your users. You should keep your visitors engaged to your site by providing some exceptional services.

Improve your performance

You can improve the performance of your account. By tracking your data and finding out the ill elements in your site. You can find an entire section of opportunities which helps you to customize your work and use it efficiently to improve your account performance.

Test your site

You can experiment with your site performance with the help of A/B tests. For instance, you can create an ad and make a variation out of it. Now compare them with the help of A/B test and analyse which ad performs better. This helps you to arrange your ad settings and you can earn more.

Join your Adsense account with analytics account

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool that provides you the insights of your visitors. By using Google Analytics, you can learn much better about your visitors and hence can develop strategies accordingly. So, after identifying your visitor’s details, you can make changes to your content. With the help of Google Analytics and Adsense, you can improve your ad performance and develop better user experience.

Reduce your ads above the fold

Above the fold means that piece of a web page that appears without scrolling down. When so many ads are shown above the fold, then the users lose interest and leave the site even without even reading it fully. When the users click on a site, they want to read the content straightaway. Placing some ads above the fold is tolerable and does not affect much, but displaying too many ads above the fold becomes unbearable and users exit the site. So, there is a very high bounce rate and google then penalize such sites.

Optimize the colour text of the ads

If you want to improve the online visibility then you can experiment with the text colour of the ads. If you choose a very bright text colour, then it won’t be readable and also looks disturbing on one hand. You not only lose users to click on the ad but also lose them from your web page. So, you should be very careful in choosing the text colour of the ad. You can match the text colour of ads with the background colour of your site. Can also choose the colour that wonderfully blends with the background colours and you can try some more different styles. You can also measure your ads performance and choose the most suitable colour.

Benefits of Google Adsense

Easy to use

Google Adsense is not technical to use. A person just needs an internet connection to make an account. You can make your account for free. After specifying your content, it targets your intended audience and shows them the ads. When they click on those ads, payment starts automatically.

Advertise your content

With the help of Google Adsense, you can easily advertise your products. It helps you to move the traffic to a site where you want to, in order to get revenue.

Helps in managing your site

You can manage your site effectively by blocking some irrelevant sites that appear on your web site. You can choose which websites are to be shown and which websites should get prevented from appearing on your website.

Easy system of getting payment

You can earn a large percentage of payment amounts through Google account. It follows a very easy procedure for getting payment. There is no hand in cash involved, mode of payment is done electronically and is transferred to your account.

Helps you to connect with a vast network of advertisers

Google Adsense helps you to connect with a vast network of advertisers. You easily get your customers who want to invest in your websites to promote their products.

Get users more engaged

Google Adsense has a facility called Google search box which helps your website gain more public attention. You can take the help of this tool to increase your search results. It provides various links below the search engine which are interrelated to each other. it increases more chances that users click on your site and spend a longer duration. They may be able to find the information they were looking for by visiting your multiple pages.


Google Adsense is an extremely amazing tool for bloggers, web owners, and application owners. They generate revenue by simply allowing other companies to advertise on their website. It is user friendly and you can make your account for free. It has very great features which help you to generate extra income. If your website gets huge traffic than other companies will also rely on you to promote their products on your website. You can auction your website and those who pay the highest amount of money than display their ads on the top of your websites. It has so many benefits in stores for a business that most of the businesses now use this tool and try to get maximum profits out of it.

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