Graduation Flower Bouquets and Balloons

Listed are the 5 Most Appropriate Graduation Flower Bouquet to gift to a graduate and where to get the best arrangement in Singapore.


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It's the time of the year when we can finally say, Alas! One level down and a few more to go! Graduation has always been a symbol of success. That's why there's always a CON-GRAD-ULATIONS! on it. Kidding aside, every endeavour we take always brings a sense of fulfilment. Once we have accomplished something new, it brings pride in who we are and who'll we become.

So, what could be a perfect gift for a graduate? During my college year, my grandma and I had a pact. She asked me, "what do you want as a graduation gift?" I replied, "I want a Cleveland or 10 Benjamins ($1000)" Then she said, If you have a GPA of 1.5, then we have a deal! Because I had a goal in mind at the end of this race, I studied well and attended all my extracurricular activities. I made sure I was a dean's lister, and Boom! At the end of my college year, I had a GPA of 1.3. Not bad. I exceeded what was expected from me. I'm not bragging about it, but there's more to come of what I appreciate the most. So there you go. Some would ask for a new car or a new loft to reside in a new city, but then there's always something that pairs with these awaited gifts. It's the flowers! For men, well, yes, some would appreciate the flowers, but most likely, it's the congratulatory balloon that will carry on or something that will add excitement to their gift.

Flowers to match the occasion

Of course, it is given that a bouquet of roses is much appreciated for a graduation flower bouquet, though have you ever thought what else could match the occasion? I have listed 5 flowers below of what I deemed appropriate for this beanfeast.

  1. Tulips
    A bouquet of tulips, no matter their colour, can lift the spirits and serve as a pleasant reminder of better times to come. The yellow one is my favourite because it represents triumph and glee. It's the same as telling me that, as a graduate, I deserve everything coming my way and that you're one with me in this endeavour.
  2. Sunflower
    Most of the time, Sunflowers are interconnected with the song
    "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away."
    A bittersweet song that resonates to a sunflower. Most of the time, sunflowers are the go-to flower to brighten someone's day. Even though the skies are grey (hardships in life), seeing a sunflower naturally belights your day.
  3. Carnations
    Carnations, or what other people revered as the flower of the gods, symbolise purity. As a fresh grad, receiving a white carnation not only denotes luck but the sincerity behind it—the purity of wishing them a good fortune that goes along the way as they embark on their journey.
  4. Orchids
    Orchids come in different forms, sizes, and colours. Its species showcase diverse beauty, which is appropriate as a send-out for him or her. It goes as wide as vanda, cattleya, dendrobium, etc. some of its colours are outrageously beautiful that it's hard to resist and not to care for. Its sensitivity and the gravity for it to be taken care of is enough to entail that you are unique and you deserve to bloom beautifully from how you nurtured yourself to be who you are right now.
  5. Peonies
    Peonies, on the other hand, especially yellow ones, symbolise success, new beginnings and new fortunes.

So who would not want to receive a flower where at the back of this intent wishes or bring forth luck on your new beginnings? There may be some who would discard it, but many won't be able to resist such beauty on a special occasion.

So what's next?

Isn't it nice to prepare the venue with some balloons? Well, indeed, after a graduation ceremony, there would always be a celebration. I find it extra special to see congratulatory balloons with some plushies. Well, maybe that's too girly, but for a guy, it's best not to forget the balloons to accent the venue. Insert cash inside the balloon so that as he pops it, a surprise awaits!

My parting shot

Things don't need to get extravagant. A graduation flower bouquet with a card would do if you're budgeted, but if you want to make it extraordinary, I suggest adding some balloons or plushies. Several online florists could help you with the arrangement. One of the few is Smile Floral. They provide excellent service and deliver it fresh in case you can't make it on time or if you're busy preparing. They could help with your graduation flower delivery in whichever part of Singapore the recipient is.


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