Great Ways to Energise Your Team

As leaders, we need to ensure that our team is energised. Here are three things you can do to ensure your team is full of energy to achieve their goals.


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Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash
Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash

There is no hiding the fact that everyone loses motivation from time to time. Whether you work in the office environment or from home, it can be hard finding energy at certain times.

These energy crashes can be a result of genuine tiredness. After all, we are only human, and it is hard to maintain the same energy throughout an entire project or task. However, it can often be linked to worse things.

For example, losing interest in the task or becoming disinterested with the people you work with. These two things are vital to where we source our energy from when we are working.

If we feel that our task is meaningful, we are more inspired to complete it. In turn, this allows us to be the source of our energy. However, we quickly forget that the people we work with do make all the difference too.

In my company, there are tonnes of skilled individuals that could earn more elsewhere. And upon asking them why they never moved, they always mention the people they work with as a factor for staying.

As a leader, you are often responsible for a set of people that make up your team. Sometimes you can get lucky and have people that get along well. But that is rarely the case.

Most leaders need to find ways to spark conversation and energise their teams for the day ahead. Leaders should be careful not to spend too much time energising others as it could lead to them having none left. Nevertheless, it is a vital part of leadership to give energy to your team.

So, here are the three unique ways I have seen leaders do this.

They Do Their Best to Celebrate All Wins

Although focussing on the big picture is a good thing, it can sometimes cause us to overlook the here and now. People do small things every day that go unnoticed because there are so many other things to do.

The best leaders try to gather all the small wins to ensure they get appropriate recognition. Notice I said appropriate because not every success deserves a team dinner. However, celebrating each one in their own way gives energy to the team.

A great way to do this is by gathering all random accomplishments from your team throughout the week. By asking them what they are proud of for that week, you allow them to do two things.

The first is to appreciate themselves more. A lot of the time, we underestimate the tasks we complete. Things like learning a new recipe or completing a DIY project deserve celebrating.

Even work-related tasks like clearing a backlog or completing your to-do lists require effort. By letting your team tell you about their successes, they grow a greater appreciation for themselves.

The second is that you let them voice the wins they probably have not told anyone else. Humans are social creatures, and when we do something we feel good about, we seek to tell others. By letting them voice it, you are allowing them to feel important.

Once you have gathered the random accomplishments from everyone, take some time to share them. You can do this by putting the accomplishments on a slideshow with fun pictures of everyone. Doing this will get the team talking at the end of the week and finish the week well.

They Create a Fun and Collaborative Space

One of the best ways to give your team energy is to have a fun space away from their desk. With most of their time spent in the same place, your team must have a place to relax and feel at ease.

These spaces allow your team to re-energise, and they are also a great place to hold catch-ups with each of them. You can do this by setting some budget aside that everyone can chip into in small amounts.

Then you can turn a meeting room into something fun and cosy. Add a few bean bags, snacks and drinks, and small toys to fiddle with. All of these things add fun and play to the environment that allows your team members to tap into their childhood selves.

Before having one of these in the office, I underappreciated how much of an impact they could have. But now, it is the most booked out room and is always a great way to re-energise the team spirit and yourself.

Even if you do not have the resources to do this, having a space away from your desk that the team can associate with energy will make all the difference.

They Make Time for Team Bonding

Some of the best teams in my company are always bragging about their team days. Their leaders put on regular fun events for them to go to socialise and have fun.

Whether putting on a BBQ or a team challenge, they all contribute to team bonding. I will never forget going on a wildlife adventure with a team I joined when I was new to the company. I learned much about everyone, and we had a great laugh.

These experiences allow for re-energising, but it also ensures that the team always has fond memories. I am sure your best friends always bring up the funniest experiences you had. It rejuvenates the friendship and reminds you why you are such great companions.

So, allow your team to build memories with one another. It will keep a bond between your team members so they can bounce off eachother and feed on one another’s energy.

Closing Thoughts

As a leader, you must ensure you stay energised too. Sometimes we spend so much time giving energy to others, we forget ourselves. Keep your eyes open for an article on re-energising yourself as a leader that I will be releasing soon.

I hope this article has given you some new ideas on how to get your team back up to full charge. It would be great to know what other leaders do to give energy to their teams. So let me know in the comments.


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