Ground Support Equipment Market Report by Type, Application, by Power Source, Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2019-2028

The study analyses the global ground support equipment market based on type, power source, application and geography. The ground support equipment is bifurcated as powered and non-powered equipment.


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The Ground Support Equipment Market is service equipment that provides safe and efficient support to aircraft. They support the operations of aircraft and airplanes on the ground. Ground support equipment provides the service from everything from the aircraft’s mobility and power needs to the transport of passengers and cargo. Most ground support equipment is involved in other service tasks rather than providing direct services to actual flying of aircraft. Ground support equipment also includes cabin services which ensure the passengers' safety and comfort. A diverse range of vehicles and equipment is comprised of ground support equipment to service aircraft during passenger and cargo loading and unloading maintenance, and other ground based operations. Ground support equipment minimizes the turnaround time which is a time during the aircraft remains parked at the gate by serving services with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. 

Market Dynamics- Ground Support Equipment Market

Expansion of existing airports and the development of new ones are expected to contribute to the growth of the ground support equipment market globally. The highly increasing purchasing power of customers led airports to expand their operations. The expanding operations result in additional passenger equipment, new terminals, gates, and other needed infrastructure. To evenly handle all these operations Ground support equipment is needed. The expansion in the operations of the airport boosts the growth ground support equipment market. Technological advancement and innovation in the existing ground support equipment offer growth opportunities for the manufacturer, which impact directly on the growth of ground support equipment globally.

Ground Support Equipment Market Segmental Overview

The study analyses the global ground support equipment market based on type, power source, application and geography.

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Ground Support Equipment Market by Type

The ground support equipment is bifurcated as powered and non-powered equipment. Non-powered equipment includes dollies, chocks, aircraft tripod jack, and aircraft service stairs. Powered equipment serves the services through refuelers, container loaders, tugs & tractors, transporter, air start unit, and others. Combined they provide the services of aircraft towing and parking, passenger unloading and loading, cargo unloading and loading, drainage of waste tanks and lavatory facilities, refueling of the aircraft, Potable water replenishment, fuselage inspection, engine maintenance, catering services — including the restocking of food and beverages, and Electrical power supply to gated aircraft.

Ground Support Equipment Market by Power Source

By power sources, the ground support equipment market is segmented as electric, non-electric, and hybrid. The electric ground support equipment benefits from low-end torque and has a frequent start, idle time, and short required ranges. Operator's choice also inclined towards the electric GSE as it provides multiple features like 'inching device' that allows them to stand behind luggage tugs and inch it into the hitch of the luggage trailer. The cost is one of the major barriers to the adoption of electric ground support equipment. 

Ground Support Equipment Market by Application

Applications of ground support equipment covered in the study are aircraft handling, cargo handling, and passenger handling. In cargo handling, ground support equipment helps to air cargo transport for smoothly handling goods with a high value or commercially critical delivery time. Aircraft handling provides services like efficient wheel change, scissor lifts & hoisting platforms, and maintenance chairs for fast aircraft access.

Ground Support Equipment Market by Geographically

Geographically, the study is comprised of the key countries of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World. The Asia Pacific held the largest market share of the global ground support equipment market and is likely to dominate the market over the estimated time frame. 

Ground Support Equipment Market Key Players

The key competitors of this market include JBT Corporation (US), Teleflex Lionel-Dupont (TLD) (France), Mallaghan (UK), Tug Technologies Corporation (Textron GSE) (US), Tronair Inc. (US), MULAG Fahrzeugwerk (Germany), Guangtai (China), Rheinmetall AG (Germany), ITW GSE (Denmark), and Cobus Industries GmbH (Germany), among others.

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