How To Grow Social Media Presence And Expand Your Funnels

Upgrade your company's conversion funnels by upgrading your social media game.


Ryan Cook

3 years ago | 3 min read

The online world is governed by social media platforms. And that number is only going to increase. According to Sprout Social, currently 3.6 billion people use social media globally, and that is expected to expand to 4.1 billion by 2025.

Year over year, social media companies rake in more and more revenue and platforms grow and grow. If your company doesn’t have a strong social media presence what are the odds your company has a strong online presence?

Not good. As awesome as it is to rank for SEO and show up on Google, there’s a certain sense of love and community that brands can only build and develop on social media.

The good news is that not only will developing your social media presence greatly enhance your company’s overall online presence, but it will significantly broaden and tighten your conversion funnels.

Just like real pipelines experience clogging or leaking issues occasionally, so do marketing pipelines. Upgrade your company pipes and funnels by stepping up your social media game.

Give To Others What You Hope To Receive

Just like real life relationships, social media relationships require a healthy amount of give and take. One mistake many businesses make is that they create social media accounts, start posting, and expect the likes and the followers to just start pouring in at some point.

That’s not how it works. If you’re new to the space you need to serve yourself a slice of humble pie and be the one to go out and find those relationships first.

Humans are extremely reciprocal by nature, and if you spread the love and engage with others in a sincere, friendly, generous way you’ll find after a while that they start doing the same for you. It’s a simple formula: you want likes?

Go and like others’ posts. You want followers? Go and follow others. You want thought provoking comments on your posts? Go leave some thought provoking comments first.

Be Personal, Be Charming, Be Fun

No matter what your business does, you need to nail down a way to make that process or product funny, relevant, or sexy to your target market.

Whether you’re a plumber, a distribution company or you sell sandals from an ecommerce site, find out what interesting things people are talking about in these spaces and make your voice heard. Post often in order to figure out what works and how people respond.

A less conventional tip you might consider implementing is focusing more on the individual employees’ social accounts rather than the whole company’s.

Rather than making it look like “XCompany liked your status”, attach your company name to employees who are willing to be brand ambassadors of sorts so that it says “Jarom with XCompany liked your status”.

This is more personal and creates more humanity to the relationships. VidArmy on LinkedIn is a fantastic example of this strategy - their employees have plenty of interesting opinions and thoughts to share and no doubt it generates buzz for their company.

Interacting with just brand names on social media is weird. It’s like trying to emotionally connect with someone you just met who’s wearing sunglasses - without being able to see the person you’re speaking to and see their eyes it feels like there’s a barrier.

Having individuals be the voice is so much better and it will encourage powerful relationships in a more organic way.

Choose The Right Barn, Choose The Right Channels

Growing on social media is just like painting a barn - you should make sure you’re working on the right barn before you get too deep in your project. It doesn’t serve you or anyone well to have perfectly painted the wrong barn. In the social media world, the right barns are the social media platforms that are rapidly growing.

They’re being talked about. There’s open real estate. These are the channels you should focus the most on. Spend too much time and effort on a social media channel that has already peaked (like Facebook) and you’ll feel like you’re swimming against the current.

Currently, the social media channels with the most growth potential are Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and Clubhouse, among others. Working with these channels’ formats might require you to create and format content in a way you’re not used to, but even with the learning curve it’s worth it.

It’s better to do a bad job promoting your company in these growing spaces than to do a great job promoting your company in dead spaces.

Whatever social media approach your company takes focus on consistency. Years of drops in the bucket add up to more than a vigorous splash every now and then.


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