What Happened to ‘2020 Vision’

Here’s why it matters most now.


Matthew Enubuje

3 years ago | 2 min read

Your 2020 vision is gone.

Yes, I shouldn’t be reminding you but I’m here to say, it happened for a good reason.

You and I were building visions on a broken system.

We were building Mac apps for Windows XP — the old systems can’t handle our capacity to be greater. They would freeze and shut down without warning.

Just like the world today…

The good news is, you have a 2nd chance to create a 2020 vision.

Will you have the same vision or a new one that’s bigger than you.

The world is need of a new operating system, a new ecosystem to thrive in. One that permanently defeats poverty and gives the incentive to ask, how can I make tomorrow better than today…

Here’s how you can make a start

Photo by Mathias Jensen on Unsplash

By practicing what’s most avoided — leadership.

Uncertainty creates an opportunity for humanity to reorganize itself and leadership activates the changes.

It’s a skill we must practice and here are some ways to do so:

Realizing Your Power

Everyone is a walking story but only some choose to share theirs.

Even if your story influences just 1 person, that person could be moved to influence thousands. Therefore, your story is worth sharing.

Plus, you’re equipped with the best instrument to do so — voice.

Don’t hide your thoughts and ideas as they could lead to solutions. The chaos may be relying on you to produce the order.

Building Relationships

Good people behave differently in desperate times — it’s human nature.

To limit the acts of desperation in the world, you must let others know that you’re there to help. You can do this by:

  • Sharing information
  • Promoting solutions that help others
  • Creating partnerships and affiliations
  • Raising money for a need
  • Donating to a cause

Doing most of the actions above are effortless due to social media. It takes seconds to share life-changing information across the globe.

Listening To Positive Media

Influencers are finding ways to routinely spread positivity. Their messages could give you ideas and inspire you to take action.

This is important because negativity is contagious.

Environment is stronger than willpower, so your thinking can become negative, even if you’re a positive person. The sad part is, negative news isn’t going away any time soon.

However, positive news creates awareness of how negativity affects you.

Awareness is mental self-defense.

It arms you with the knowledge to counter incoming adversity. Listen to those that wire your brain to think of solutions.

Making Sacrifices

You have to put things down to move faster. Global uncertainty is demanding a different version of you. What does this have to do with leadership?

The root word of leadership is lead, and to lead is to be an example for others to follow.

Acts of courage are contagious — people will be moved when someone close breaks out of their cycle for growth.

We create a new world.

We decide what’s remembered.

We will be responsible for the next generation.

This is the period where humanity builds a 2020 vision together through individual choices. Taking part is non-negotiable as history records everything.

Your contribution matters.

Thanos is 1 up against us, it’s time to avenge and create a brave new world.


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