What Happens When the (commercial) Model Wins?

How can we make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone? ~ R. Buckminster Fuller


Tony Fish

3 years ago | 2 min read

The Insurance model wins through fear which makes you play it safe and limit risk; as they only payout for sure bets.

The Banking model wins when growth fuels a salary increase and you borrow more than you have or save.

The Food production model wins when you stop cooking and you become addicted to sugar and salt (convenience) as they control all the supply.

The Supplements model wins by fear and misinformation because you are not cooking.

The Logistics and transport model wins with long complex supply chains due to higher levels of specialism creating better EOS.

The Legal market wins every way no matter what anyone else does, but especially the wealthy.

The Pharma Industry wins when you medicate and hide the issue rather than solve root causes.

The Consulting market wins because they promote that someone else is winning which drives the fear of losing your job because the banking industry has control by indebtedness of you both.

The Compute/ tech/ IT model wins by remaining sufficiently advanced to appear like magic.

All the Extraction models win by creating demand for new and throw away of the old to recycle, which only reduces their extraction costs.

The Waste model wins by media, Instagram, images, lifestyle and no one incentivized to recycle or repair.

The Energy model wins by their efficiency works, and everyone’s else’s fails or being too lazy.

The Media industry win by division, snippets, shortness, news and fueling opinion.

The Travel and entertainment market wins because it enables us to avoid for a moment that we are losing to the models that control us.

The Economic and money model wins because we all believe it.

The Species model wins by growth, and our interdependent economic models work together without having to worry if it is doing the right thing.

Ecology wins and loses together but has an ebb and flow of changing balance

The Health and medical model wins as the ebb and flow have become more ebb and less flow.

The Incentive model wins as we are trapped by the other models.

The political model wins because we cannot hold to account anyone who decides and cannot determine who decides who decides because they make us think we did.

Every one of the eight bn people on earth interprets each model based on bias, framed by their context, experience, and beliefs.

So what happens when the model wins? Surely something else must come second, lose or be compromised. Right now, as our models win the Earth is not compromised, as the Earth will remain here for another few billion years irrespective of what we do — it will just have a different balance. The compromise is the burden of our future generations from whom we have removed choice. We have not questioned and determined what lifestyle they want; we have just focussed on the one we can get.

Can the Earth also win if the model wins? Definitely, however, can further generations enjoy and have a life we expect if our models remain — that is a hope that we need to question.


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