Happiness is an inside job: 6 Ways to attain True Happiness

Don’t sweat on small stuff. Follow these tips and be happy every day.


Yousuf Rafi

3 years ago | 3 min read

We all have heard the famous phrase, “Happiness is an inside job.” But have you ever thought about what brings true happiness in your life?

Every day things might happen. Your happiness will depend upon how you respond to those things.

Indeed, some things can make you happy for some time, but you must follow these tips to attain true happiness.

1. Don’t Sweat on Small Stuff

As Richard Carlson puts it, “Life didn’t come with a fool-proof manual.”

The fascinating thing about life is that when you feel like everything’s going to be okay, that’s when life knocks you down. But what separates humans from animals is their ability to control their cycle of thought.

Hardships will come, people will feel ill, and you might face losing your job. But that’s just one part of your extraordinary life. Consider it a learning character-building day.

You must understand that life is not about what happens to you but how you respond to it.

Whenever you’re faced with a problem, imagine, ‘Will this matter five years from now?’ If the answer is ‘no,’ move on to the next problem.

2. Be Your Own Best Friend

The only way to attain true happiness is to become your own best friend. The more you talk to yourself, the more you’ll explore yourself. Share your worries, celebrate your victory, or even advise yourself.

Another way to become your friend is to write a journal. This will help you jot down your thoughts and clear your mind. When you empty your mind, there will be less room left to think about menial things.

3. Forgive, Forget & Love

Understand that no one is perfect. Everyone is living in their hell, dealing with different devils. Forgive & forget people for whatever bad they did to you.

There is no gain in remembering a troubled past. You must be kind to people and yourself. Don’t live in the past; it’ll just destroy your future.

What’s done is done; get over with it. To stay, you must forget, forgive and love. That’s the ultimate formula to attain eternal happiness.

4. Imagine the best

A fascinating thing about the human mind is that it can create stories and narratives from thin air, right from nothing too intriguing. Use the power of imagination to create a better future for yourself.

Don’t wait for things to happen. Every day, close your eyes and imagine the best possible scenario that can happen to you. The first step towards achieving something imagines it.

After a bad day at work or home, recreate the scenario in your mind’s eye by replacing the negative from the positive in the story.

You might think that this is an absurd idea, but this trick helped me to deal with a lot of stress without replaying the bad parts in my mind.

5. Do the things you Love

You have gifted one life for a reason. To make the best out of it. Do the things that you love. Make a bucket-list of things that you need to do. Take out time every day and do at least one thing that you love.

If you are working on a job that you love great, if not, start your own business. Improve your craft and only compete with your yesterday. If your today is the same as yesterday, you’ve just lost one glorious day of your life.

Don’t sweat yesterday. Just plan your next day.

6. Embrace Change

The only insane thing in life is, change. Things change, and people evolve. There is no other way to survive in this world. Things happen, and at times you cannot do anything about it.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” ~Roy T. Bennett

A Comfort zone is a dangerous place to live. To be happy, you must get out of your comfort zone and achieve results because results give you happiness. Fulfillment gives meaning to life, and this is what humans crave.


Happiness and fulfillment are within your grasp. You need to understand what works for you. Do the things that make you happy. Stay away from things and people that upset you.

All and all, happiness is all about imagining the best, never worrying about the small stuff, embracing change, forgiving people, and become your own best friend


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