Too hard palm: how to soften it?

The palms of the hands are undoubtedly among the most stressed parts of the body. It can therefore happen that, despite the use of a moisturizer, they harden and lack softness.


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The palms of the hands are undoubtedly among the most stressed parts of the body. It can therefore happen that, despite the use of a moisturizer, they harden and lack softness. If you notice this, do not worry above all, since it is not a fatality. Here we offer you some tips and tricks that you can implement to soften the palms of your hands in a simple and effective way.

Use a coffee grounds scrub

One of the most effective tricks to soften the palms of your hands is to make a scrub based on coffee grounds. Often used for facial care, coffee residues are also useful for softening the palms of the hands that are too hard. If you want to apply this trick, you will have to do the following:

  • add a teaspoon of olive oil to the coffee grounds;
  • mix this solution for a few seconds;
  • rub your hands together for 2 to 5 minutes with the mixture;
  • then rinse your hands with clean water, then dry them gently with a clean cloth.

Repeat this operation 2 to 3 times a day to naturally restore suppleness and softness to the palms of your hands.

Make a solution of olive oil and sugar

Extremely rich in oleic acid, olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties . When combined with sugar, it eliminates dead cells and softens the palms of the hands. For people who wish to use this method, here is how to proceed to obtain an effective result:

  • pour a teaspoon of olive oil into the palms of your hands;
  • add a tiny amount of sugar;
  • mix the sugar and the olive oil with a finger, so as to obtain a grainy texture;
  • Then rub your palms together for 3 minutes.

Finally, rinse your hands with clear water, then clean your hands with a clean towel. Note that it is also possible to replace the sugar with fine salt . The elaboration process in this case will be the same. However, if you plan to use fine salt, you will need to mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1/2 teaspoon of fine salt.

Trust white vinegar

White vinegar can be a great ally to restore softness to the palm of your hand. If you want to use this trick, 2 solutions are available to you. The first consists in making a bath based on this compound. To do this, just add a tablespoon of white vinegar to a bowl of warm water. Then dip your hands in the bowl, then wait for 5 minutes for this mixture to take effect. Finally, gently dry your hands with a clean cloth.

The second option is to combine sugar with vinegar . Please adhere to the following steps if you plan to apply this trick:

  • wet your hands with white vinegar;
  • then cover the palms of your hands with sugar;
  • Then rub your palms for 2 minutes , insisting on rough or hard areas.

Finally, rinse your hands and dry them with a towel. The effects will be visible from the first uses.

Wash your hands regularly

The basic solution for having very soft palms is to wash your hands regularly and carefully. You will actually need to clean your hands every day of the week. This will not only get rid of germs, but also soften the palms of your hands. To protect the skin barrier, it is often recommended to favor mild , moisturizing and greasy soaps. Avoid washing your hands with soap or a product that contains chemical active ingredients or perfume.

Gently pass the soap on the palms of your hands, then with a delicate gesture, rub for about thirty seconds. Rinse, then dry hands with a clean towel. Repeat this maneuver regularly to soften the palms of your hands.

Bet on moisturizers

To soften a palm that is too hard, hydration is the most common solution. Today, there are products on the market that have been specially designed to give your hands back their softness. These are essentially creams and lotions which have a restorative, protective and above all moisturizing effect on the palms of the hands. Among these creams, some are made from essential oils or plant extracts. Do not hesitate to adopt these products.

In addition, for optimal results, it is usually recommended to use these creams after each hand wash . Also, if you want to get a fairly quick result, be sure to apply these creams at least twice a day, preferably at night before going to bed.

Regularly wear cotton gloves

In most cases, rough hands are linked to frequent use of certain dishwashing and cleaning products. This is because these soaps sometimes contain chemical ingredients and are more toxic and irritating to the palms of your hands . So, if your goal is to soften the latter, you will need to wear gloves during your dishwashing and cleaning sessions. Whether you're gardening, cleaning or maintaining your home, consider wearing these gloves to effectively protect the palms of your hands.

Use honey

nourishing honey treatment can help soften the palms of your hands. To take advantage of the softening properties of honey, you can proceed in 2 different ways. The first method consists of applying this product directly to your hands , then massaging them gently for 5 to 10 minutes. You will then have to rinse and wipe your hands to dry them. The second and most recommended option is also simple to apply. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • soak your hands in a container of lukewarm water for 5 minutes
  • remove your hands, then add honey to the water
  • immerse your hands again in the bowl for 3 to 5 minutes, then remove them


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