Harshit Sati


Prefinal year student || ex Data analyst intern @Omnyk || Geu'23

Hey, I am a 3rd year Computer Science student who's eager collaborate/ to learn more about Machine learning, AI and thier daily applications. I am very active on various data science communities and platforms. I am a content writer and have written different data science notebooks and medium blogs on data science and AI. From learning different aspects of data science to collaborating with other data scientists through a platform like Kaggle, Udacity and sharing my knowledge with other peers through blogging on medium, I am committed to continuous learning and growing on every aspect be collaborating, sharing and implementing things. I am currently learning MlOps right now. My dream is to help conserve marine mammals and our environment through data science. Big Data is the key to addressing some of the biggest concerns about the environment and I believe it can help us save the environment. Follow me on: - Medium: