Be Hay in a Needle Stack

The importance of standing out and being different.


Jordan Gross

3 years ago | 1 min read

I’ve been thinking a lot about a person I’ve never met. I’ve seen pictures — black and white mostly — of her rectangular face, bifocals pressed against her eyes. I’ve heard she was one of the most original women to grace this earth with her radiant presence. But I unfortunately never got a chance to meet my great grandma Dotty.

But when I saw a dog and its owner wearing matching sunglasses the other day, I couldn’t help but immediately think of the entertaining anomaly that great grandma Dotty must have been.

People like this are one of a kind. They’re original, unique, and above all, by being unorthodox, they leave a memorable legacy that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

Great grandma Dotty’s unconventional behavior was something I never got to personally enjoy. But through stories and memories that reveal who she was, I’m able to uncover the eccentric woman behind the bifocals.

If you desire a life with originality, flare, and a little intrigue, consider doing things a little differently than everyone else.


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