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Hello TealFeed Community, I am Miki Szeles from Hungary

In this article, I introduce myself and explain to you what kind of content can you expect from me. These are the followings: Software development focused on test automation Journaling, branding and community building Humour


Miklós Szeles

3 months ago | 3 min read


Let me introduce myself. I am Miklós(Miki) Szeles from Hungary.

Ayush Anand contacted me a few days ago, after reading one of my articles on He asked me whether I would be interested in becoming a Creator on I did not hesitate too much so I took the opportunity to start writing here on TeelFead.

I am here for 3 reasons:

  1. Learn from you
  2. Share my knowledge
  3. Entertain you

Learn from you

I am only using for a few days, but I already found many exciting writings here. I couldn't decide which posts to mention, so I collected all the articles which were relevant form me in any way. It will also help a little bit to get to know my interests.

Software Development / Technology

Team management / Leadership

Self-care / Personal Growth / Psychology

Writing / Publishing / Marketing

It is important to let the world know about awesome content, so I am planning to summarize the list of TeelFeed articles that were valuable for me in any way weekly.

Share my knowledge

Knowledge sharing is the best way to give back to the community. As I was asked by Ayush, I decided to start sharing my articles here too, in addition to LinkedInHashnode, Medium and

This is what I can offer:

  1. I have 15+ years of experience in Software Development from which one year is specialized in Test Automation.
  2. I have a couple of years of experience in writing what I got by journaling in my personal blog and writing to my photographer Facebook page.
  3. I also have some experience in personal branding and online community building.

I will write articles mostly about these topics. Follow me in case you are interested in any.

Entertain you

I have my own sense of humour which is not for everyone. I cannot change that, and I am not willing to do that anyway. In addition to technical articles, I will write regularly personal stories about the human side of being a software developer. Some of them will be light, but others might inspire you to reconsider some parts of your story.

Thanks for reading up till now. It is great to be here. In case you would like to know more about me, just read my bio on my website, or send me a message via LinkedIn, I will be eager to answer it.

Hello TealFeed Community — It is awesome to be here. 😊


Created by

Miklós Szeles


Senior Software Engineer in Test (SDET) at DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Kft.

I am an enthusiastic software developer since my childhood. I work as a Senior Software Engineer in Testing (SDET) using Karate DSL and Selenide.







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