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Elizabeth Bassey

10 months ago | 2 min read

Feels good to finally pitch a tent here!🤩

First off, a little bit about me. I'm Elizabeth Bassey, a Nigerian Tech Enthusiast. Passionate about Design, Psychology, Blockchain, and Music. An advocate for Humanity✌️

I'm here to finally put my thoughts into words, and possibly learn how to articulate my thoughts better.

I know I should have started this earlier, maybe my ‘one year older’ self would have been more proud of me. But Nah, I didn't, I was too timid and comfortable in my shy self - You know that thing about imposter syndrome? I've felt like a fraud all my life😁

I got here after watching a youtube video by Ali Abdaal. A video on how to make better choices in life. While at it, a question Ali asked struck me, causing me to be more intentional about my choices - “What would you regret not doing, a year from now?”

For me, that would definitely be writing! I had always loved writing, it feels like the best way to connect to the world. I love great writers too, their books have kept me going, growing up…I could get into an author's life, and explore all the amazing places of the world without even being there.

But what if I could become a great writer too?—Nah, I have been too shy to try! I journal once in a while in my diary, but there, nobody gets to read it!😄

I feel I can do better with the world actually getting to read my thoughts.

I chose to pitch my tent for personal growth here on TealFeed. Not only because I could grow with it, but also because it saves me from the social anxieties of popular platforms.

I hope to be more frequent here, not to show how much of a writer I am, but to better articulate, my thoughts, declutter my mind and add value to the world.

I would be sharing my journey to personal growth, documenting my learnings on Design, and sharing my opinions on topics I'm comfortable with.

Hopefully, I stay consistent, as I struggle a lot with consistency too.

In line with the 2023 International Women's Day theme; I dare to Grow Intentionally this year. No longer will I hoard my writing skills, whether it be perfect or not.

I hope you all get to enjoy the reads and follow me along on this journey, as I hope to learn from you all too.

Happy to be here once again🤗

P.S: I hope one year from now, I'll be happy I started this.


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Elizabeth Bassey

I'm a User Experience designer, Passionate about humans, psychology and Tech.







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