Here’s the Best Way to Say Thank You

Making it personal always shows you care.


Marilyn Regan

3 years ago | 2 min read

There isn’t a more personal way to say thank you than to meet someone face-to-face and shake their hand. But this isn’t always possible.

The next best thing is the antiquated-but-always-appropriate, handwritten thank you note. Something written in your hand with your signature is personal and intimate. It’s a little piece of you.

Although a text or e-mail is acceptable, it doesn’t take quite as much effort as writing something in longhand. And it’s becoming a lost art, much like handwriting itself.

But if you can remember how to hold a pen, you can write a thank you note.

Here’s how to get started.

What You’ll Need

Get yourself set-up with a box of blank note cards. Stationery is acceptable as well, but the card will limit the amount you will need to write.

Make sure you have stamps and the address, including zip code, of the person you’re writing to.

Check the spelling of the person’s first and last name. If it’s more formal, check the person’s title as well.

Keep your format simple and easy to read by starting everything to the left. This means the date and each new paragraph.

Mention the gift, favor, or perhaps time that person gave you. Be honest. You don’t have to make it long. The fact that you’re writing a personal note speaks for itself.

Do your best with your handwriting by writing slowly.

Practice makes perfect. Consider writing out the note to get your hand warmed up and forming the letters correctly in your muscle memory. It will also allow you to read it out loud and edit.

Parts of a Thank You Note

As already mentioned, begin with the date and each new paragraph to the left.

If you want to indent, the date goes in the middle of the page; all paragraphs are indented up to five spaces or so, and the signature block aligns with the date.

Your choice.


This is the greeting like “Dear.” But if you want to be informal, you can say Hello, followed by the person’s first name or title and last name.

If you’ve been on an interview, use that person’s title and last name. If they didn’t invite you to call them by their first name, don’t.


You want it short, but not or curt. Make a bit of small talk even if it’s something like, “It was good to see you” or “It was a pleasure to meet you.” or something of that nature.

Say what you’re thanking them for

The next word after the introduction is “Thank you.”

Thank you for the lovely gift (name what it is); for taking the time to meet with me, etc.


This will vary depending on how formal you need to be. If it’s a friend or close relative, you can tell a joke.

A professional note, say for a job interview, might conclude with, “I look forward to the opportunity of working with you” or “I appreciate your time.”

Signature Block

The signature block consists of a closing like Sincerely, Best wishes, and your signature.

Space permitting, leave some white space between your closing and your signature.


Send the thank you as soon as possible. For interviews, that’s within 24-hours.

Thank you notes for gifts, etc. can be sent within the year. But don’t wait that long.


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