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Here’s What Went into My Latest Podcast Episode

It's 2022, and I'm starting to shake things up with my content marketing efforts. Podcasting has been a mainstay for me since 2009, but people change, circumstances change, and times change. So, in this post, I share the latest developments with my podcasting efforts.


David Andrew Wiebe

4 months ago | 3 min read


I’ve been podcasting since 2009, and this year, I’ve been looking to shake things up a bit.

My current podcast, The New Music Industry Podcast, has been running since June 2016, and I have kept to a 48 episodes per year schedule since its inception.

For a variety of reasons, this year, I decided to start publishing monthly instead of weekly.

The great thing about this new schedule is that it leaves me with a lot more space to get creative with each episode.

But before I get too carried away with the details, here’s episode 262 of The New Music Industry Podcast for your listening pleasure.

My New Co-Host

My new co-host is Wolf. I’ve had the pleasure of developing a working relationship with him since last year. He’s just as passionate about music as I am and is equally business minded too. We talk every week, at least once, if not twice over Google Meet and WhatsApp.

Wolf lives in England, and I am live Canada. Despite the time differences and the obvious challenges that can come with long-distance collaboration, we are well-matched as business partners, and so far, the arrangement has proven beneficial for both of us.

Wolf has helped with the creation and development of my premium online academy for musicians, Elite Players: All Access Pass, as well as some of the humanitarian efforts I’ve been taking on. Currently, we are working on launching my musical artistic career.


Wolf has his own site at My site is at

Wolf has been wanting to get back into podcasting but wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to do in terms of content and with what regularly.

I was clear that I wanted to move to monthly format for 2022 given my current commitments.

By the time I suggested recording one conversation and syndicating the content to his show, he’d already reached the same conclusion.

And so, while our individual episodes have unique intros and outros (and in my case a mid-roll as well), the conversation I embedded earlier can also be heard on The Gaki Music Podcast.

Themes & Stock Music

I was the one to compose the original theme to The New Music Industry Podcast. I’m a big fan of upbeat funky music, so that’s exactly what I created for the show. But it was very indie “garage band” in esthetic (not referring to the Apple recording software of the same name), with a loose demo feel.

The new, updated version of the theme, along with the outro theme and ambient ad music was created by Brian Bob Young in 2018. His work is excellent, and I still use it in the show to this day.

As I’ve been making more multimedia content, though, I discovered recently that PIxabay has free, royalty-free (attribution not required) music on their platform. And the quality of it is quite good.

So, I’ve started using music from their stock library in sales videos, my latest podcast (Thought Thursday, separate from The New Music Industry Podcast), and now The New Music Industry Podcast.

I think the music adds a nice atmospheric touch and keeps the show moving in parts where you might otherwise be inclined to tune out. I always credit the music I use in the show notes.

I also like the creative aspect of making segments within the show and setting up more ebbs and flows within the content.

Content & Topics

Before deciding on anything to talk about on the show, I took the time to identify the top 10 episodes from The New Music Industry Podcast archive so we could get a sense of what was working. Wolf also encouraged me to do this.

Having looked at the top 10 episodes of The New Music Industry Podcast, we started brainstorming ideas. Wolf shared some of his philosophy and suggested them as talking points. I started identifying worthwhile topics in the content I was consuming and added them to our stable of topics to cover. Overall, I’m happy with the result.

Wolf and I are still finding our flow as co-hosts, but the first episode is usually the rite of passage, and it’s only going to get better from here.

Final Thoughts

The New Music Industry Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and just about anywhere you listen to audio. Keep an eye on us in 2022. Each episode is going to be loaded with fun, exciting topics, and the show is going to be lively, and more interactive than ever.

In the meantime, I’m doing weekly talks on Wisdom and want to invite you to download the app and follow me on the platform so you’ll be notified when I go live. Don’t be shy – call in and ask questions!


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David Andrew Wiebe


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David Andrew Wiebe is the Founder & CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ, co-founder of The Indie YYC, best-selling author of five books for creatives and musicians, and host of The New Music Industry Podcast.







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