The Hi-Five Formula: 5 Simple Tips to Boost Conversions on Your Website

Simple steps to convert website traffic into customers. 🚀


Dylan Albertazzi

3 years ago | 4 min read

Leading a person through your website is like dating. There are many small but crucial steps that come before you can ask for someone to buy, subscribe, or call.

So do you want to know the secret of a high-converting website?

It’s called the high-five conversion formula, and I’m about to show it to you.

If you follow the high-five formula, you should have more people excited to buy, subscribe, or call.

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I’ve been building websites for over six years. I’ve built them for small businesses, startups, and personal portfolios. I was inspired to make this video because a couple of weeks ago one of the companies I do work for reported a 57% increase in new customers from their website. About a year after we implemented the high-five formula.

Before the high-five formula, their website had years of almost no growth. I’ll share my screen and walk through that site step by step. But first, you’re probably wondering what the high-five conversion formula is. Let’s get into it!

Before step 1, picture your perfect customer. They are the one you’re doing this for. Let’s call her Meghan. That’s also my wife’s name, so this is extra relevant.

Step 1: Tell Meghan what you can do for her in 3 seconds or less.

Also known as your value proposition.

People have squirrel-like attention spans. Research shows the average bounce rate of a website is 9/10 people. That means 90% of people will come to a website and leave without clicking on another page. Every word you share is attention they’ve given you and it can’t be wasted.

Take the time to clearly articulate what exact service you are offering so even Meghan’s grandma can tell what you do. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a portfolio website, or a large business.

Step 2: Place a Call To Action above the fold.

I found this tip in Building A Storybrand By Donald Miller, which is a treasure chest for building high conversion websites. If there’s one book I recommend on the topic, it’s this one. A call to action is the thing you ultimately want Meghan to do on your site. It’s usually, buying, signing up, or contacting. Showing Meghan the call to action as soon as she’s on your site makes it clear what he needs to do when she wants your services.

Step 3: Build Authority.

Remember, this is like dating, and most people aren’t ready to marry after the first date.

I know what your thinking, Dylan, there’s a bunch tv shows where people get married without meeting! You’re right, and I think that’s a huge gamble, and doesn’t follow how our brains are wired.

We’re wired to trust before we engage in a relationship. You need to prove to Meghan that you’re the one for the job. The most powerful way to do this is through testimonials, affiliations with credible sources, certifications, and proof of past work. This is not the time to be modest, if you have done something great, it’s a disservice not to tell Meghan about it. Staying truthful of course.

Over halfway, these last two steps are simple but crucial!

Step 4: Secondary call to action.

So we’ve quickly conveyed our message, declared our call to action, and built our authority, but a lot of times Meghan isn’t ready to buy, yet. A secondary call to action says “let’s go on another date”. Often times in the form of a pdf, a free trial, or a video. Use the secondary call to action to prove what you’re capable of. Don’t be afraid to give away something really great, for free. Like some of the best tips you’ve learned, or a consultation. It will pay off in the long run.

Step 5: Repeat the CTA again and again.

As Meghan goes through your site, you need to remind her she’s one click away from your awesome service. By repeating the CTA tastefully over and over you are priming her brain to want to click the button and you’re sending the message, “This is why you’re here, this is your next step.”

And that’s it. Simple yet effective. If you follow the high-five formula, you should have more people excited to buy, subscribe, or call you.

Let’s make it tangible and look at two websites that use the high-five conversion formula. The first is Stripe one of my favorite websites on the internet, then the site I built that recently reported a 57% increase in conversions, Albertazzi Law Firm.


Earning trust is a privilege. It’s only when we have trust, that can we ask someone to buy, subscribe, or call.

I hope you use the high-five conversion formula on your website to gain trust and boost conversion.

I absolutely love this stuff. If you end up implementing the high-five formula, I want to see it! If you need help implementing it, drop a comment or reach out through my personal website linked in the description and we’ll get in touch.

Have a great day, we’ll see you next time!

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