Are You a High-Value Man?

We hear this phrase, high-value man, all the time. However, many of the things said about high-value men are far from the truth. Find out two of them.


Tavian jean-pierre

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Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash
Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash

As a 21-year-old male, I am sick and tired of hearing all these “successful” men tell me what it means to be high-value. These content creators have built their whole platform on telling men how to become high-value.

Although some of it is good, a lot of it makes men double think who they are and what they are to be. Unfortunately, these “men’s health” gurus appear to know everything about being the best man in the world.

They constantly let their viewers know how much of a great man they are, and how every woman wants them. After watching much of their content, I have decided to speak out about the negative implications it has.

Now do not get me wrong, as some of the content is good. Young men do often need a kick and a bit of motivation to head in the right direction.

Generic advice like:

  • Save money
  • Prepare for your future
  • Set goals for yourself
  • Dress to impress

Are all good things I believe young men should aspire to do. I still watch a lot of content about how to dress and speak convincingly. These skills are helpful to a young man like me as I seek out opportunities to further myself and my career.

However, there is a dark circle within men’s self-improvement. If not treaded softly on, it can lead you down a terrible path. A lot of the men that produce this content are big-headed and prideful.

They base much of a man’s value on his status and wallet. It would be great to say that this dark circle is only a small amount of the self-improvement bubble for men, but it is the majority.

It appears that every man giving men advice believes all women care about is status and money. And all men need to do is climb the corporate ladder to become stupid rich and live the lives of their dreams.

Well, I am going to propose that only low-value men speak and think in this way. Unfortunately, much of the advice given to us men are a bunch of lies and fairytales coming from low-value individuals.

So, here are the two myths I hear all the time about high-value men. They all come from low-value men believing they know what high-value is. As a result, we young men who have so much potential get led astray like them. So, read carefully to ensure you do not tread a low-value path.

Myth #1 High-Value Men Live a Promiscuous Lifestyle

One of the biggest myths promoted to young men is that high-value men do not settle down. After all, why should they? They have tonnes of money, are attractive, and can get any women they want.

According to these “guru’s” high-value men have no time for women or a committed relationship because they spend all day making money. So, their free time is spent experiencing different women and having a great time.

Some of these “gurus” even argue that high-value men know women are a waste of time. In their eyes, they bring nothing to the table and are just a waste of money.

According to them, high-value men live lives single, with all the women in the world bowing to their feet. Not sure about you, but does it not sound a bit like a low-values man dream? Think about it, people who care all about money, fame, and sex aspire to nothing.

These types of individuals focus too much on materialistic things and miss the main points in life. But anyways, their arguments do not even hold up against the facts.

For starters, I would like to suggest that high-value men have better qualities than men who sleep around. That is why they can keep a woman and remain in a committed relationship.

According to the stats, 86 percent of millionaires are married. Not only that, but 65 percent of them are in their first marriage. Funny that people who make a lot of money also know how to manage long-term relationships.

Even the wealthiest among us, like the Warren Buffets of the world, sustained long-lasting relationships. If anything, having loads of money is a sign you can manage long-term investments, not short-lived ones.

Myth #2 All High-Value Men Are Rich

The marketplace helps define our value in the market, not anything else. The money you get paid per hour is how valuable you are to the market.

Now, of course, some marketplace values that make you competitive are good qualities too. Like the ability to collaborate, lead other people and public speaking. However, the marketplace is only concerned with measurable things.

Hence the reason why they can pay you a certain amount every hour. Wealthy individuals dominate the market because they have a large output. And that output is often governed by the utilisation of their skills and resources.

The problem with saying all high-value men are wealthy takes away from the deeper qualities that men have that are not measurable. For the most part, if someone has tonnes of money, they have great qualities they have utilised to capitalise.

These qualities come from intrinsic values that are often not seen or measured in the world. For example, you can not quantify how good someone is at making friends, but this skill would help you a lot if you were a salesman.

Also, you can not quantify how resilient someone is. They can not give you a number from their resilience test. But we all know resilience plays a massive part in someone’s success in the market.

A high-value man is measured based on the intrinsic qualities he has. These things are trust, grit, resilience, and patience. Money is a result of the true wealth a man has internally.

Start Thinking Higher Value for Yourself

It is possible to become the man you want to be without these self-proclaimed gurus. After all, I am only 21 and have figured that out just by watching some of it.

The key is to start thinking higher of yourself. When you believe you can do more and become better, things will start working out for you. As a man, it can be easy getting caught up in all of these things these gurus tell you.

However, your true value is within. Once you know that, the results will follow.


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