How to Hire Simultaneous Translation Equipment?

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Large events have international names in their programming as attractive. And, even with English being a second language for many professionals in the market, it is not possible to guarantee that everyone present at a corporate event is fluent in the language. Therefore, hiring simultaneous translation equipment is extremely important when planning a convention.

In addition to making it easier for everyone present to understand, hiring a simultaneous translation service is a sign of courtesy and consideration for event participants. But choosing the right equipment is very important.

What is simultaneous translation?

Also known as simultaneous interpretation, the translation of the speaker's speech on stage is done instantly throughout the presentation. With the help of sound equipment, those in the audience can watch the guest perform and understand the content in their native language.

The translation is done by interpreters who are located in a strategic and separate location, to guarantee the quality of the interpretation. In addition to absolute silence, the professional needs to be able to see the speaker's mannerisms and expressions to faithfully replicate the intonation of the original speech intention.

Simultaneous translation equipment

When hiring an instant interpretation service, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the equipment is requested separately from the interpreters, because they are services of a different nature. While the translator needs to have linguistic knowledge, the operation of the equipment requires technical expertise.

However, both services need to be carefully selected, since the audio quality is fundamental for the interpreter's performance, while the quality of the audio transmitted to the audience is crucial for the good perception of the event.

To perform a quality simultaneous translation, an isolated booth is required, where the translator will be next to a microphone. The transposition will be sent to the portable receivers that will stay with the convention participants through a sound booth. All of this is transmitted and equalized through cabling, transmitting antennas and a soundboard transmission center.

We cannot forget, of course, the headphones, which will remain with the guests of the convention. Through the receivers, everyone will be able to control the volume they find most comfortable.

Due to the technical complexity that this simultaneous translation equipment has, it is essential to hire quality Audio Visual Equipment Rental in New York City, as well as qualified and trained professionals so that your event takes place in the best possible way. The better the guest experience, the more successful your convention will be.

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