IT Hiring Trends 2022-23: 10 Most In-Demand Skills in US Companies

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Which programming language is in-demand in 2022? Which programming language is best for a high salary? What IT jobs will be in demand in 2022? How is the job market in the USA now? Which IT hiring trends to expect in 2022?

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The USA is the largest tech market in the world with a 33 percent market share. 

Employment in the IT sector in the US is also strong, as tech jobs are predicted to grow at a rate double that of the country’s overall employment rate. In addition, the custom software development services sector is expected to create 4.8 times more jobs by 2025. 

Web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, and advanced programming are fueling this technical revolution. However, have you wondered, which programming languages and tech skills are needed to work on these technologies?  

Turing’s 2022 insights suggest that the most popular programming languages for US IT businesses’ software development projects are React, Python, Node, JavaScript, AWS, Typescript, SQL, Java, Rest, and React Native. 

Turing also examined the need for various software talents among its clients, which include big corporations and fast-growing startups, and discovered some intriguing things about current IT hiring trends in the USA. 

IT Hiring Trend: Top 10 most in-demand programming skills

React.js is the most in-demand programming skill

React.js is the programming skill that American businesses perceive to be the most useful for front-end development, accounting for 20 percent of all jobs and 14 percent of the top 50 programming skills. Since publishing the first Turing report in 2020, React has maintained its first position on the list. 

React is a front-end JavaScript toolkit. It is free and open-source for creating user interfaces based on UI components. Meta (former Facebook) maintains React along with independent programmers and developer communities. 

React’s popularity among leading software organizations has also been influenced by the ability of businesses to produce apps with improved UI, UX, and speed.

Companies are frequently looking for developers who have experience with React as well as other common skill sets. The most asked languages and skills with React are Node.js, Typescript, JavaScript, Python, CSS, AWS, HTML, React Native, Redux, and PostgreSQL.

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