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History of plant tissue culture


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Have you ever wondered how God created the plants and animals on this
earth? It is quite a complicated matter right? Well, sometimes it is beyond
human knowledge to understand the nuances of his creation, the cause, the
reason, and the effect. But, the human brain is so intense that it has
exuberant energy and power to drill down to the techniques of recreation.
In today’s world, where man has been exploiting nature to make a better living
for himself, it is crucial to understand the after effects of non-existence of
nature. Scientists have been proving the fact over time and again, that if man
does not stop his thirst for exploitation, and very soon there will be a day
when man will have nothing to eat on earth. It is terrifying, right?
Well, at least we do not have to be much worried now. Thanks to the
scientists and bio-technicians who have been conducting experiments to
enhance the growth of plants and tissues ever since the beginning of 19th

It has to be acknowledged that they have been doing a commendable job in
this field and have exhibited and still exhibiting, long run successes .So, let us
discuss with the history, terms and concepts associated with Plant Tissue Culture.

History of plant tissue culture

History of Plant Tissue Culture is a record of methodical struggles by Botanists to culture eliminated plant tissues and organs, and to understand their growth and change under controlled environments.

You can see in the table below, the history of Plant Tissue Culture described
in detail. It is good to know what happened in history in real-time for the
propagation of Plant Tissue Culture before actually pondering on the terms
and concepts involved.

The order of events is listed below
 In 1902, German botanist G. Haberlandt developed the concept of
invitro cell culture.
 In 1904, Hanningisolated mature embryos of crucifers and successfully
grew them to mature on mineral salts and sugar solutions. This is the
first attempt in embryo culture.
 In 1922, Kotte and Robbinsintroduced invitro culture using
meristematic cells such as root tip or bud.
 In 1934, Whitedeveloped a synthetic medium which was later proved to
be one of the basic medium for variety of cell and tissue culture.
 In 1939, Gautheret, White and Nobecourtintroduced medium enriched
with growth regulator such as auxins (Eg. IAA)


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