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Binance clone script is a readily available exchange software that is an exact mirror of Binance. Our White Label Binance Clone Software enables you to tailor your exchange to your own preferences.


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Binance Clone Script:

A Binance Clone script is a ready-made software with complete source code that resembles the essential functionality and features of the original platform, enabling you to create a similar one in the market in a relatively short period. Similar to the exchange platform, Binance Clone App Development offers a cutting-edge technology stack, security measures, and trading tools, and users have full freedom to modify the script to meet their specific requirements and launch it under their own brand.

White Label Binance Clone Script

A white label
Binance clone script is an entirely customizable cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance that has all of the features and capabilities of the original Binance exchange platform. Entrepreneurs can use Binance clone software to create their own crypto trading platform comparable to Binance.

IEO Launchpad:

Binance Launchpad is commonly referred to as the "launchpad" for blockchain initiatives, as it assists these companies in raising financing and gaining access to the crypto industry.

Margin Trading:

Margin trading allows you to gain full market exposure with a fraction of the capital ordinarily required. Margin is the amount of money required to open a position, as indicated by the margin rate.

Liquid Swap:

Liquid Swap is a platform for creating automated markets, similar to Pancakeswap Clone. Users can exchange currencies with little slippage on Liquid Swap, or they can offer their liquidity in exchange for a portion of the cost.

P2P Trading:

A P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange is provided by a Binance clone that enables users to trade cryptocurrency directly with one another on their terms, in almost any nation.

Futures Trading

When trading futures contracts, customers are not technically buying or selling cryptocurrencies, but rather profiting from price movements.

Why Hivelance for Developing Binance Clone Script

Hivelance is a leading Crypto Exchange development company, offers a customizable Binance Clone script with the most up-to-date technologies and security standards. Our state-of-the-art binance clone script solution comes with the ability to accept and pair any quantity of ERC20 Tokens and Cryptocurrencies, making it incredibly sophisticated. With the Users present on the Exchange, advertise both ICO and crowdfunding.

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