My Hot Blind Date

A night that began as ordinary ended up being extraordinary


Rodney Lee McGill

2 years ago | 5 min read

What a night!

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Life is funny in a lot of ways and in other ways, not so much. I remember an incident shortly after my divorce was final. A friend of mine two towns over was telling me that he and his wife wanted to hang out and get loose not to mention see where the night takes them.

So not really being much of ‘partier’ I just got off work and was like ‘okay, could be fun’. Jerry and his wife Megan were big on going out to the local casino lounge where dinner and drinks were served, Surprisingly, despite having 3 kids at home, the couple were in love as long as I’ve known them. My friend Megan, 46, slender, hot, auburn colored hair and simply gorgeous.

Tonight she was wearing a blue spaghetti strap dress, open toe heels, no pantyhose. Seeing as my friends know me the way they do, they thought I could use a little bit of action, so they brought before me a blind date and set me up with Megan’s friend, Holly.

Moments later Holly joins us, and we are introduced. I was blown away, Holly was gorgeous, sexy, 5’7, 49, Caucasian, long dirty brown hair and was wearing a red dress coat, white dress shirt with hearts on it, red dress and white heels not to mention that Holly was a bit of a thick girl but she was sexy as hell.

My eyes widened as she sat down, and she stared right into my direction. Moments later conversation kicked off and I was telling the gang about this awesome game that is in development at the company I worked at, and Holly was listening and hanging onto my every word.

So Holly got to talking to her friend Megan and was looking at me out of the corner of her right eye, I got the feeling that before the night was over I’m going to get to know Holly in a whole new way. Well anyway, as Holly and Megan were talking, I felt Holly’s foot rubbing up and down my leg with her shoe on.

I got turned on but was trying to ignore it. Holly, seeing this decided to up the ante, I heard a small noise which was Holly taking off her shoe and running her barefoot up my leg and rubbing it slowly then kept her foot on my leg for a few minutes which turned me on more.

I can tell that Holly loved playing footsie and I can tell that she does this to size up her date’s penis to possibly see what she’s working with. Not long after, Megan and her husband Jerry ran off onto the balcony leaving me and Holly alone.

So Holly puts her shoe on then get within a seat of me and takes it off again then rubs her barefoot on my crotch, it was heavenly. I was trying not to draw attention to myself which is why I kept touching her foot with my hand then she asked me in a monotone, “how big is your dick, you look like a guy with a big dick or the biggest”.

I turned to Holly and said quietly “8 ½ inches of dick for your pleasure my lady”, what Holly did next was unexpected, she unzips my fly slowly and reaches inside my pants to feel my bulge, I felt like my penis was going to pop right out of my pants and into her hands.

What Holly did next was unexpected, she dove under the table, like she sort of went invisible for a moment, got in my lap and gave me a blowjob to get my penis erect and that’s when Holly felt it, every last inch of my penis in her mouth, she didn’t bring her A-game because this was just her sizing me up.

Impressed, Holly asked me “want to get out of here baby, I got a room here” Naturally, I was like “check please”. Holly was like, my friends’ll get it, its you I want. So we go up to Holly’s room on the 3rdfloor, Holly’s room was 312.

She keycarded us in and closed the door, I was in Holly country now. So, Holly and I started making out again. She worked me and her over to her couch. We sat down and was making out then she took off her shoe and started rubbing her barefoot all over my leg and it felt good.

I was so turned on my precum had precum and it was clear that Holly wanted to fuck, I tore open Holly’s button shirt and kissed her chest and licked her nipples with my tongue. Then I sucked on her nipples and she said “come on baby, I’m fuckin’ horny.

So Holly dragged me to her bedroom where we took turns undressing each other then I got Holly in the bed and drove my bare penis right into her, she felt it all and moaned so loud saying “oh baby, uhhhh, oh baby, I want all of your dick in me, don’t pull out ever! I was just getting more and more turned on but I wasn’t trying to cum yet.

So Holly stops me, get on top of me and rides my penis cowgirl style, I was so enthralled with her and the sex that it took everything I had to slow her down then once she did, I barely lasted 3 minutes before I exploded with cum inside of Holly, I still felt like I was coming even though it was like little droplets.

Holly said to me making a heart with her hands “baby, I think I’m in love”. I was like “really, surprising”. Holly briefed me on how most of her dates turn out because of her expectations, I told her she was fuckin’ sexy as hell and I’d date her again.

Holly and I woke up the next morning, Holly asked me to join her for breakfast but not before getting on top of me and riding my penis cowgirl style, she was really giving it to me hard. Then, we switch places and I finished fuckin’ her missionary style.

I blew my cum load right into Holly and she was moaning louder than ever and was taken away in the moment. The morning ended, Holly and I went our separate ways. A few weeks passed, Holly and I still texted each other when we weren’t busy or didn’t have work; we were distant friends with benefits.

That is, until one evening she was waiting outside my apartment. Holly was wearing a green silk shirt, black dress pants, black short heels, saw me and said “hi baby, I missed you. We shared a brief kiss, I let us in and she closed the door behind us. Holly wasted no time jumping in my arms and kissing me.

So I got her on the couch, we sat down and was making out. Holly took off her shoe and was rubbing her foot up and down my leg saying “I love you baby, all I wanted to do all day after I got off work was come over here and fuck your brains out”.

Holly immediately took off her other shoe, we couldn’t wait and it really took off then. Holly and I took turns stripping each other naked, I drove my penis inside her. I was fuckin’ pounding her pussy hard on the couch and she moaned loudly. I kept doing this until I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I exploded with cum inside of Holly.

Not soon after, Holly told me “baby, you remember that night we first made love; well, our daughter wants to say hi from the womb”. So Holly and I are going to be parents and apparently I’m going to be a father. Holly wanted to make us official so I got a new girlfriend and a kid on the way. Exciting stuff huh?


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