How can brands use video content to boost their online presence

If you are a marketer, don't make the mistake of leaving out video content


Nikhil Hiranandani

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With internet data becoming affordable and smartphones getting cheaper, video content has become easily accessible to everyone.
And organizations are making every possible attempt to leverage this opportunity. The time when Hotstar made a tie-up with Jio, the viewership increased tremendously.

Also, as per changing times, the attention span of an average user has decreased in terms of reading a text. Our eyes are more likely to give attention to video/moving objects as compared to texts and still images. And with demand meeting the supply, this has led to a tremendous rise in the video industry across all verticals.

Trends which dominated the video industry last decade

As mentioned earlier, with changing times and with the evolution of technology, the consumption of videos has increased. Smartphones, increased storage, better availability of content has made it easier for individuals across different economic and social backgrounds to consume and create video content.

There was a time when you wanted to watch a video on youtube you had to ensure you’re connected to the wifi or LAN. If you had to watch a video through your mobile data, you have to watch it on low resolution. All of it has changed in the last 2-3 years. There’s no hindrance of any sort whatsoever. The same people who weren’t able to enjoy a 5-minute video earlier are now able to watch a movie on live stream without any interruption.

The emergence of niche-based OTT platforms and video platforms like Youtube and TikTok making it easy and accessible for individuals with limited resources to create a brand have been some of the defining trends of the video industry in the last few years

Influencer marketing is the trend to look out for in this decade

Gone are the days when brands needed celebrities to promote their brands. Influencer marketing has opened a new chapter in the history of marketing and mini-influencers (individuals with less followers but high engagement) are one of the most sought after assets in the present context.

With the increasing popularity of short videos, reels, and augmented reality, the importance and relevance of niche-basedmini influencers are only going to increase in the coming years.

How you can use ephemeral videos to boost your marketing strategy?

Be unique, make it more appealing and ensure to run it several times. Since ephemeral videos last shorter, it is advisable to run them frequently so that it reminds the viewers of the brand.

Have quirky music to it. Remember it's not just the video that matters, a catchy music can make a viewer come back, listen and watch the video again.

On which platforms you should run your video marketing campaign?

If you’re a giant like Jio, try to establsih your digital platforms and go viral everywhere. If you’re a newbie, ensure you play your cards safely.

Make a research on the footfalls on the platform that suits your Target Group. Study the platform for at least a week, check out for trends and creative things that happen.

Ensure you chose a platform that is well known and has a better outreach. Don’t invest in any platform just for the reason that it is famous. The platform should have your Target Group.

Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Keep shuffling. Keep exploring.

How can you start on Youtube?

Ensure you don’t make videos for being viral, make it for yourself. If you’re happy and content, everything else will fall in place.

Most of the new youtubers find it difficult to figure out how long should the content be and what should be its frequency. Get a good number of videos ready and start posting at least 2-3 videos a day with a mixture of long and short videos.

Don’t worry about your setup, clothes, mic, camera or anything that puts you down. Gary Vee started with recording out of nowhere. Remember the best ideas start from nowhere.

JUST BE CONFIDENT. Do not compare yourself with others. Be honest, don’t try to become famous overnight. Learn simple but good editing. Use better and simple animations. Ensure you follow a brand identity and use that same colour, text, format throughout the videos.

My advice for video marketers to succeed in 2020

Research and Invest wisely. Not every video will make you see the results ASAP.

Be patient. Be calculative. Don’t be in a hurry to create a video. It’s okay to fail, its okay to be commented upon.

Remember Binod,
Ensure your brand identity is not lost whilst you make a video. Follow strict brand guidelines.


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