How to apply for a job as a fresher in the post COVID world?

Everything you need to know before applying for a job in startups and large enterprises


OM Bharatiya

3 years ago | 3 min read

COVID-19 has restricted most of the working professionals to live within the four walls of their home and that has affected the way industries work and hire. Everything has shifted online and there are benefits as well as drawbacks of this new NORMAL.

In this blog, I'll be talking about preparing for Software Engineering jobs, so if you're looking for other suits, please stay tuned for more blogs on this channel.

Before we talk about how should you proceed further for your job search, let me give an overview of what’s happening in companies right now.

The situation in Big Enterprises:

The organizations with the most Explosive Growth are the ones who have adapted according to the digital demand and they are now investing a lot to build teams that can help them make the process of online transition smoother.

They are not just competing with their previous competitors but also trying to overtake startups who want to win with their fast pace.

Most of the large enterprises who used to reserve themselves to hire only through campus placements have now opened their gates for off-campus applicants as well.

The situation in Startups:

COVID has been a disaster for most of the Startup companies and now, when unlock is happening slowly, is the chance for them returning to health.

Most of them have been developing multiple MVPs during the pandemic and trying some more verticals to survive

One way for them to strike back powerfully is to deliver a nice product as quickly as possible to get the first set of customers. So, startups are expanding their teams aggressively to help themselves.

Both the large enterprises and startups are on a Hiring Surge right now.

Be prepared, be really very prepared!

How to prepare for Startups today:

1. Prepare for Data Structures & Algorithms. Don’t waste time in solving all the problems. Solve the standard problems that can help you solve other problems. You can get the best resources to start on Hackerrank and to be intermediate on InterviewBit. Also, check for company tagged questions on GeeksForGeeks

2. Learn OOP concepts properly.

3. Do a couple of basic to intermediate level tech-based courses and build some good projects — ideas you’ll get while doing the course, so don’t waste time thinking about the idea before taking courses.

You can pick any ONE of the following technologies and be REALLY good at it: Java SpringBoot(Backend role), Django(Backend role), Reactjs(Frontend role) & Node if possible(Full Stack role), React Native(Mobile App Dev role), Android/iOS(Mobile App Dev role). Spend at least 2 months in a technology and build 2 good projects and put the deployed/published version links in your resume.

4. Participate in Hacktoberfest and do few real open source contributions to add some more stars on your resume to get shortlisted easily.

5. Few of the startup companies prefer if you have a competitive programming background (not all startup companies). So if you’ve done something in that field, feel free to add those ratings in the resume.

How to prepare for Big Companies today:

1. Be excellent in DSA. You should be able to solve hard level problems in the interviews as well.

2. A good competitive programming portfolio would be recommended.

3. Have a good practical grip on Object-Oriented Programming and learn to make a Low-Level Design for some very common apps.

4. If you have got all the above things, then a few normal projects can also work. Just that you should have done that yourself and know how you did and some related questions.

Most Important thing to prepare before applying for a Job:

1. A Really Nice Resume

2. A Rockstar LinkedIn Profile

If you have any doubt or job preparation questions to ask, put them in the comments section!

Best of Luck in your Job Search!


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