How To Keep Oneself Motivated During These Tough and Uncertain Times?

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Joshua Jerry

3 years ago | 3 min read


There will never be the best time to live your dreams like now. When everyone is giving up and the adverse effects of COVID19 are sweeping across the globe, it's your time to rise, be counted in, and not counted out.

In every problem, there is an opportunity, in every opportunity, there is a 100% chance that you'll win if you remain committed to the goals and WHY you are pursuing the goals.

Don't follow the trends and the crowd. There is only one spot for a winner in any race, let that spot be yours. People's opinions about you and the possibility of your dreams don't count unless you let them.

Don't let the noise and the challenging times distract you from your dreams. Your dream is your baby, it's all you have! Until you are willing and ready to die for your dreams, they won’t come true.

What do you need to go to the next level in life? You don’t need money, you don’t need connections, you don’t need a pay rise, and you don’t need a job promotion or career change. You need a personal conviction from within and be willing to do whatever it takes!

The first step is very important, just start…it doesn’t matter if anyone knows your name, just start! It doesn’t matter what people think about your first step…just start! It doesn’t matter what your chances of making it are…just start! It doesn’t matter if you have failed before…just start!

It doesn’t matter if your family and friends support you or not…just start.

It takes self-drive to reach your goals in life. You must see it within you before it happens. It's not going to be easy but in the end, it will be worth every pain, tear, and bloodshed. If there were an easy way to succeed in life then everyone would be highly successful, happy, and fulfilled.

Living a successful life is not for everyone, it's only for the chosen few who are willing to do whatever it takes! I may not know you or what you are going through at the moment as a result of COVID19 adverse global economic effects, but here is what I know about you; you can start a brand new journey today and commit to going through the process until you succeed.

How do you stay motivated amid adversity? How do you keep on going when everyone is giving up and there seems to be no way out? How do you say YES to your dreams when every time you keep on getting rejections?

First, you must remind yourself of your PURPOSE in life. Purpose is the reason why you are still here breathing oxygen. Purpose is what you were born to accomplish in the limited time we have in this short trip called life.

Purpose is what you wake up every day to accomplish. Once, you have a sense of purpose in life, no matter how tough it gets, you will always have meaning and value in everything you do.

Secondly, you must feed your mind POSITIVE THOUGHTS daily. Read books that inspire you, books that are aligned to your goals and ambitions in life. Listen to positive messages every morning you wake up and every night before you go to sleep.

The MIND is like an orchard, when you water it daily and weed it then you'll reap tasty fruits. When you don't take care of it then you get nothing. You must see anything you desire in life, first in your mind’s eye before you achieve it in real life.

Everything first happens in the mind in terms of ideas then you take action. What thoughts are you feeding your mind? Which books are you currently reading?

Which videos do you watch? What kind of music do you listen to? What kind of foods do you feed your body? Before you have a healthy career, you must first have a healthy mindset.

Finally, how do you spend your time?

Time is the only commodity that the wealthy and poor people have in common. We live in moments, you must make them count! We are not here for 1,000 years!

We are here today, tomorrow we are gone! On the tombstone, in between the two dates, date of birth and date of death, there is a dash (-). The dash (-) represents how you spent your time in the universe.

Don't die with regrets, don't worry how much time you have been wasting, you can make this moment, a brand new beginning, flap your wings and take the first step towards the ultimate day of your destiny!



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