How you can quickly grow on LinkedIn- in conversation with Cory Warfield

Cory Warfield has amassed over 220k followers on LinkedIn & he’s now spilling secrets on how you can do it too.



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How you can grow quickly and build an amazing engagement on LinkedIn?

With what frequency you should post on LinkedIn?

Confused about what you should do if you have just started out on LinkedIn?

Within just 3 years, Cory Warfield has amassed over 220k followers on LinkedIn and he’s now spilling secrets on how you can do it too.

Q. In the last few years, LinkedIn has grown by leaps and bounds. What, according to you, are some major reasons for it?

Trailblazers like Brigette Hyacinth, Talal al Murad, Oleg Vishneposki and Lorena Accosta building huge followings around helping others. The ripple effects of this, coupled with the introduction of video content.

LinkedIn focused more upon creating databases initially and even when Microsft decided to acquire them, these databases were one of the major reasons behind the acquisition.

It’s only recently that more people have started creating content and engaging with others.

Q. While using LinkedIn for the first time, what are some of the most important things to do to?

Be spontaneous and authentic. Let your true colours show, whatever they might be! Keep the “blue water” strategy top-of-mind. Engage with and support others, and be transparent - never wait for perfect content, perfect timing. Never overthink about posting something.

Law of reciprocity dictates that you get out what you put in. The numbers aren’t vanity metrics, they’re real people and real opportunities.

Also don’t just show up trying to teach people. Be there to learn and mingle!

Q. What are some of the most common mistakes people tend to make on LinkedIn?

  • People expect engagement without engaging with others. Just like any other place and any other thing, it’s a two-way street. Start engaging with others to boost your engagement!
  • People often make the mistake of seeing everyone else as customers and forget that the person in front of them are HUMANS first. No one likes to receive a cold pitch as soon as you they connect with someone.

Q. How frequently should an individual post on LinkedIn to grow quickly?

Earlier, it was a good idea to post daily and not to post more than twice a day. But, things have changed recently. You can grow quickly by posting more every day. At the same time, posting daily isn’t required anymore to grow on LinkedIn.

I would still encourage individuals who want to grow on LinkedIn to start with posting once every day.

Q. What are some common misconceptions about LinkedIn?

Many people believe that LinkedIn a strictly professional platform but in reality, even business professionals are allowed to have a bit of fun and it’s perfectly okay to step out of your professional hat once in a while.

At the same time, I would like to warn people that just like any other social media platform, there are bots, trolls, and haters on LinkedIn. It’s no longer a platform with just business professionals. It’s time to start looking at LinkedIn just as we look at Facebook/Twitter and hence, you need not interact with everyone on the platform.

Q. Many organizations complain that they aren’t getting the same engagement from a company’s profile as a personal profile. What, according to you, can be some major reasons for it?

Company pages tend to post more stuff that people don’t care about. There are some company pages doing absolutely wonderful on LinkedIn and hence, companies who are not getting engagement through their pages need to change their content strategy.

Q. For every individual who’s new on LinkedIn, what would you like to advise them?

Start looking out for influencers in your industry on LinkedIn and start engaging with them through meaningful comments.

There is a chance that some of them might comment back. Send them a connection request. It might take you some days (maybe months) of regular engagement to get noticed by them but you just need the help of only one of these influencers to boost your engagement on LinkedIn.

Q. For LinkedIn as a platform, what are some scope of improvements?

LinkedIn might think of including the feature of calendar-syncing to cater to the needs of a wider group of professionals.

There’s a lot of scope of improvement in the personalised feed LinkedIn provides to its users.

I have myself been using the platform for more than 3 years and I can still find only 30% of the feed is relevant to my interests. If I have been using the platform for so long, the algorithm should have known better the kind of content I like.


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