"How to Tolerate" (my version)

The conclusion about how to tolerate?


Fajar Husni Abdilah

2 years ago | 1 min read

On May 29, there was a trending topic that talked about the video that shows the girl who is speaking about her neighbor’s marriage party.

She blames and says that this party has disturbed her, and she can’t do her work because of the noise. And because of her video, she got many responses from our beloved netizens. The netizens said this was the culture we are used to wedding parties that present noise from music to share happiness and this culture has been around for a long time in our people.

But I don’t want to talk about her problem or the culture, because the netizens were talking about it.

I want to talk about the noise. The noise that she heard is one of the interior design problems.

Hah, How it becomes the problem?

Of course, it’s a problem, a big problem.

The noise disturbs her activity in the room and makes her mood goes bad.

How to solve it?

In interior design, there is an aspect that is related to sound. It’s called an acoustic system.

This system will help you to reduce the noise from inside or outside the room.

How to apply this system?

Usually, this system is used in the ceilings and the walls. An easy example is to use a silencer in your room. But, there are still many other ways that you can apply.

So, I want to suggest you use this system to reduce the noise problems so that you or your neighbors will not be disturbed because of the noise. Instead of making videos that show problems that are difficult for the general public to accept.

The conclusion about how to tolerate?

“Idgaf: I don’t give attention further”


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