How HRs should manage their teams in the era of remote working

And the mistakes you should avoid as an HR


Shilpi Singh

3 years ago | 3 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world deeply in numerous ways. Life as we know it hasn’t been the same since. In times like this, it is imperative to adapt to the current scenario and overcome its challenges.

With the emergence of work from home or remote working as a concept, the responsibility to keep employees motivated, productive, and content falls heavily on the HR of an organization.

As an HR professional, here are some of my learning's that factor in when managing teams during this era of remote working.

Understanding the SQ (Spiritual Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient)

Back in the day, IQ was considered as the only valid form of intelligence. SQ and EQ weren’t as integral as it is now.

Comprehending a person’s psyche and acumen to help assess their best fit has proven to be much more helpful in dealing with each one, uniquely.

It is imperative to ensure that the employee’s SQ and EQ are intact especially since there is no physical contact and connection. Elements like social skills, self-awareness, and empathy for employees are key in understanding their standpoint.

For example, conducting yoga and meditation sessions, organizing competitions like longest exercise streak, etc.

Balance in professional and personal life

The pandemic has turned our otherwise 9 to 5 workday week topsy-turvy. With employees working from anywhere, the lines for clocking in daily working hours are hazy. Making time and striking the balance seems arduous.

In many Indian households, working professionals are torn between work, household duties, chores, and spending time with their spouses, kids, and the elders of the family.

Companies need to acknowledge that the achievement of deliverable is more important than the number of working hours. It is also important for workplaces to give due importance to employees’ household duties and have a cut-off time to working hours.

Innovative activities, interactive engagements, and ideas to keep employees happy and the work going

The face of employee engagement has changed during these times of pandemic. Companies have had to put an innovative hat to make the engagements innovative and interactive for the employees.

At Della, during the Lockdown, a Virtual Party was conducted with all employees and their families where they rejoiced with food and music by Band of Boys.

Mental and Physical health consideration and well-being

Due to staying at home and the work pressure, along with job insecurity, it has become imperative for companies to give due importance to the mental and physical health and well-being of their employees.

Employees are facing health issues like spondylitis, cold shoulders, migraine due to continuous screen time and wrong posture.

Apps like hangAIR Global have become the need of the hour to regulate the health of employees and reset their body and mind. Counseling sessions surged during this period. Companies have also adapted to 4-day mental health leave annually.

Matrix for productivity, Prioritizing work tasks

Since, people have been working remotely, traditional productivity matrices like the number of hours worked have become redundant.

Instead, matrix-like deadlines being met, innovative ideas, work efficiency should be considered.

Work from Home / Anywhere Coaches

For people who consider work as an escape and don’t regard their home as a haven, staying at home to working could be quite stressful and traumatic.

To help during these times, a new category of coaches has emerged, that is of Work from Anywhere Coaches. The need for such coaches has suddenly reached new heights.

They help in understanding the person’s surrounding and help deal with the situations at hand in an effective manner.

All in all, work from home has been a roller coaster. Where some people enjoyed the luxury of being at home and their loved ones, for others it was a difficult journey. But work from anywhere is here to stay and adapting to the trends and making changes in the everyday functioning of organizations can’t be denied.


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